Though a dragon derives no power from accumulating precious metals and gems, its desire to acquire and maintain vast piles of valuables is an important part of its personality.

Some witch covens have learned to use treasure to access other draconic powers.

Draconic Patronage

A wyrmwitch must select one of the following patrons when he gains this archetype. Only witches with the wyrmwitch archetype can select these patrons.

Chromatic: 2nd—cause fear, 4th—hold person, 6th—suggestion, 8th—aura of doom, 10th—dominate person, 12th—geas/quest, 14th—mass hold person, 16th—frightful aspect, 18th—overwhelming presence.

Esoteric: 2nd—memory lapse, 4th—psychic reading, 6th—nondetection, 8th—hypercognition, 10th—mind probe, 12th—telepathy, 14th—insanity, 16th—screen, 18th—bilocation.

Imperial: 2nd—endure elements, 4th—gust of wind, 6th—hydraulic torrent, 8th—obsidian flow, 10th—fickle winds, 12th—move earth, 14th—reverse gravity, 16th—wall of lava, 18th—world wave.

Metallic: 2nd—protection from evil, 4th—weapon of awe, 6th—heroism, 8th—dispel evil, 10th—commune, 12th—greater heroism, 14th—limited wish, 16th—holy aura, 18th—miracle.

Outer: 2nd—deja vu, 4th—darkness, 6th—blink, 8th—black tentacles, 10th—mindwipe, 12th—shadow walk, 14th—lunar veil, 16th—orb of the void, 18th—weird.

Primal: 2nd—burning hands, 4th—elemental touch, 6th—elemental aura, 8th—planar adaptation, 10th—elemental body II, 12th—chain lightning, 14th—vortex, 16th—polar ray, 18th—fiery body.

Wyrmwitch’s Hoard (Ex)

Unlike traditional witches, a wyrmwitch does not have a familiar. Instead, a wyrmwitch develops a metaphysical link with a bonded hoard of treasure that serves as a conduit to the wyrmwitch’s patron.

A wyrmwitch’s hoard must have a value of 50 gp plus 100 gp for every character level he has beyond 1st. Only non-magical objects that are not alchemical items, weapons, armor, or useful tools can be part of a wyrmwitch’s hoard.

If the hoard falls below this value, the wyrmwitch cannot sleep on his hoard (see below) or add new spells to it until its value is restored.

A wyrmwitch’s spells come from this link with his hoard, and its ability to hold spells functions in a manner identical to the way a witch’s spells are normally granted by a familiar.

A wyrmwitch can add spells to his hoard in a similar fashion to the way conventional witches store spells in their familiars. A witch’s familiar and a wyrmwitch’s hoard can exchange spells in the same way two normal witch familiars do. Also, a witch can add a spell to his hoard from a wizard’s spellbook, if the spellbook is kept in the hoard and the spell is on the witch’s class spell list. The wyrmwitch must sleep on the spellbook in his hoard for a number of days equal to the spell’s level, after which he must succeed at a Spellcraft check (DC = 15 + spell level) to learn the spell. No matter the result, the spell is erased from the spellbook.

A wyrmwitch must commune with his hoard to ready his body and mind for casting spells. If he does not spend at least 8 hours resting atop his hoard prior to preparing spells, he must attempt a concentration check anytime he attempts to cast a spell (DC = 20 + the spell’s level). If the wyrmwitch does prepare spells after properly sleeping on his hoard, he gains the ability to call on his hoard to cast any one spell it is holding and that he is capable of casting, even if the spell is not prepared. This spell is treated like any other spell cast by the wyrmwitch, including when determining casting time, duration, and other effects dependent on the wyrmwitch’s level. This spell cannot be modified by metamagic feats or other abilities.

This ability replaces witch’s familiar.

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