The drow are among the best known creatures who were “saved” by demonic intervention, but they’re far from the only ones. Many seek the succor of demons as a means of survival. Such pacts are often made in haste, without a true understanding of the lifelong effects they’ll have on those who make them.

Demonic Pact

A demon-sworn makes a pact with a demonic entity, forever binding her to the forces of the Abyss and corrupting her connection with her patron. At the indicated levels, she gains the spells below in place of her normal patron spells:

2nd—protection from good, 6th—unholy blight, 10th—dispel good, 14th—blasphemy, 18th—unholy aura.

Casting spells with the evil descriptor from this replacement list has no effect on the demonsworn’s alignment.

This ability modifies patron spells.

Cruel Hex

A demon-sworn always inflicts some pain, whether she wants to or not. Each hex deals 1d4 points of nonlethal damage to creatures affected by it, in addition to any damage the hex normally deals.

For major hexes, the damage increases to 2d4. For grand hexes, the damage increases to 4d4. Each die result of a natural 4 deals 1 point of lethal damage to the demon-sworn.

This ability alters the witch’s hex, major hex, and grand hex.

Manifest Pact (Ex)

At 6th level, the demon-sworn gains Improved Familiar as a bonus feat. The associated familiar is made up of the tiny amount of soul matter lost when the demon-sworn made her pact with demonic powers. The familiar must be a quasit, regardless of the demon-sworn’s actual alignment, and it manifests by eating its way out of the demon-sworn’s former familiar. The quasit knows all spells known to the previous familiar. It loyally serves the demon-sworn, despite any conflicts of alignment, obeying its mistress to the best of its abilities.

This familiar cannot be replaced, and if slain, the ritual to replace the lost familiar recreates the same quasit, along with the same spells previously known. Replacing the familiar in this fashion also imparts the demon-sworn with 1 permanent negative level, as if she had been hit by an energy-draining creature.

This ability replaces the hex gained at 6th level.

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