Broken One (Witch Archetype)

The gulf between a witch and a would-be patron can be difficult to contemplate, much less cross. Those touched by such an alien mind do not always survive the encounter intact, but that does not always matter to a patron. As long as there is a body to guide the hand and speak the words, what does it matter if the intelligence isn’t in the same body? Some patrons might prefer an easily discounted idiot or madman to accomplish their goals. Even benevolent patrons might still find a simple mind an ideal disguise and the simple-minded often need protectors to direct them. Familiars make ideal and unexpected vessels for such a directing intelligence. A broken one is a witch who has had her mind destroyed or is naturally feeble-minded, and is now being directed by an intelligence residing within her familiar.

Class Skills: A broken one adds Bluff, Stealth, and Survival to her class skills and removes Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (planes), and Spellcraft. This ability modifies the witch’s class skills.

Familiar (Ex)

Upon acquiring this archetype, switch the final Intelligence score of the familiar with that of the broken one, including racial adjustments. Add Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (planes), and Spellcraft to the familiar’s list of class skills. Any intelligence increases the character would normally gain, such as the character advancement ability score increases at 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th levels or those from magic items such as a headband of intellect, is instead applied to the familiar. Familiar intelligence increases, such as those it would gain from its master increasing in level, are instead applied to the broken one.

The familiar gains the ability to speak with master at 1st level and empathic link at 5th level. This ability alters the familiar’s empathic link and speak with master.

Hexes: All hexes use the intelligence of the familiar even though they originate from the broken one.

Spellcasting: A broken one uses the intelligence of her familiar for all spell casting purposes. Despite this, spells originate from the broken one unless otherwise specified.

Evolution: Some patrons reshape the flesh of their disciples in ways more in line with their natures.

Every time a broken one acquires a new hex, she may instead gain the Evolved Familiar feat, ignoring prerequisites and applying it to either herself or the familiar.

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