Mutated Defender

Occasionally a mutation takes hold of the body of a vigilante, but he learns to hide his maladies, usually through alchemical concoctions or magical concealment.

Unlike other mutants, who are usually shunned in and other settlements, mutated defenders can appear in public without revealing their mutations—though they can still use them to their full potential in secret.

Mutant Specialization

A mutated defender gains a base attack bonus equal to his vigilante level instead of using those listed in the vigilante’s class table.

He adds this value as normal to any other base attack bonus gained from other classes or racial Hit Dice. He also selects one mutant deformity other than mindless or vulnerability. This deformity magically reverts when the vigilante is in his social identity, as do all mutations from his mutant talents, allowing him to hide his mutation entirely.

Unlike with other vigilante talents, the vigilante is entirely unable to use the benefits of his mutant talents while in his social identity.

This replaces vigilante specialization.

Mutant Talents

At 2nd level and every 2 vigilante levels thereafter, a mutated defender can select from the following mutant talents, in addition to the vigilante talents normally available to him.

This alters vigilante talent.

Mutant Blast (Su) One of the mutated defender’s extremities becomes elementally warped, and he can discharge a blast of energy from this limb. This functions as the elemental ray bloodline power (Core Rulebook 76) and uses his vigilante level as his sorcerer level. The mutated defender chooses the damage type (acid, cold, electricity, or fire) of his mutant blast when selecting this talent. The mutated defender must be at least 9th level to select this talent.

Mutant Evolution The mutated defender gains a 1-point evolution from the eidolon list other than climb, improved natural armor, mount, skilled, or swim. He must meet any prerequisites as normal, using his vigilante level for prerequisites that require a summoner level. He can select an evolution granting a natural attack without fulfilling the subtype requirement, though he must replace one of his hands with the natural weapon. A mutated defender can select this mutant talent multiple times, choosing a different evolution each time.

Mutated Lobe (Sp) A mutated defender’s brain is enlarged and distended, granting him psychic powers. He can cast detect thoughts as a spell-like ability once per day for every 4 vigilante levels he has, with a caster level equal to his vigilante level. A vigilante must be at least 4th level to select this talent.

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