The synthesist is the reason many are skeptical of the summoner class, and doubly of this archetype. What the synthesist gains is increased survivability at the price of actions; instead of one action for the summoner and another for the eidolon, the fused summonereidolon gains only one set of actions each round. The classic synthesist could dump all physical ability scores, but this is no longer possible with the unchained synthesist.

Rather than summon an eidolon to serve by his side, the synthesist fuses his eidolon’s essence to his own. Instead of two creatures, the synthesist is a fusion of the summoner and eidolon into a single being.

Fused Eidolon

A synthesist summons the essence of a powerful outsider to meld with his own being. The synthesist wears the eidolon like translucent, living armor.

The eidolon mimics all of the synthesist’s movements, and the synthesist perceives through the eidolon’s senses and speaks through its voice, as the two are now one creature.

The synthesist must choose an eidolon with a biped base form (or whatever base form best represents his own body for a non-humanoid synthesist), and the eidolon must match his alignment exactly. The eidolon must be at least the same size as the synthesist.

Neither the synthesist nor his eidolon can be targeted separately, as they are fused into one creature. The synthesist and eidolon cannot take separate actions.

While fused with his eidolon, the synthesist can use all of his own abilities and gear, except for his armor. The synthesist-eidolon combination must have arms to cast spells with somatic components.

While fused with his eidolon, the synthesist retains his own ability scores, modified by the eidolon’s ability score increases from evolutions and the Str/Dex bonuses from Table: Eidolon Base Statistics, but does not gain any ability modifiers from the eidolon’s advancing Hit Dice. A synthesist’s eidolon cannot apply the ability increase evolution to mental ability scores or the skilled evolution to skills with mental key attributes.

The synthesist-eidolon combination uses the eidolon’s base attack bonus and saving throw bonuses, except that it can use the synthesist’s own base Will saving throws. The synthesist also gains access to the eidolon’s special abilities and the eidolon’s evolutions. The synthesist is still limited to the eidolon’s maximum number of natural attacks. The eidolon has no skills or feats of its own, but the synthesist can use his own proficiencies, feats, skill ranks, and class skills, modified by the eidolon’s ability and size modifiers. The synthesist gains the eidolon’s armor and natural armor bonuses.

When fused with his eidolon, the synthesist gains 2 temporary hit points per summoner level. These are the eidolon’s hit points. When these temporary hit points reach 0, the eidolon is killed and sent back to its home plane. The eidolon’s temporary hit points can be restored with rejuvenate eidolon spells and other effects that specifically restore eidolon hit points, but not by other means such as natural rest or cure spells. The temporary hit points can never exceed this initial maximum. A slain synthesist eidolon summoned the next day starts with its maximum temporary hit points. The synthesist’s own hit points can still be healed when in a synthesist-eidolon combination.

While fused, the synthesist counts as both his original type and as the type and subtype of his eidolon for any effect related to type. Any effect affecting the synthesist when he summons his eidolon is transferred to the composite synthesist-eidolon. Any effect on the synthesist-eidolon composite is transferred to the synthesist when the eidolon is dismissed. The exception is that effects that could affect the composite because it was an outsider or extraplanar, but cannot affect the synthesist in his own form, immediately end. Effects such as banishment or dismissal work normally on the eidolon, but the synthesist is unaffected.

In all other cases, this ability functions as the summoner’s normal eidolon ability (for example, the synthesist cannot use his summon monster ability while the eidolon is present). This modifies the eidolon ability and replaces bond senses and life bond.

Fused Link (Su)

Starting at 1st level, the synthesist forms a close bond with his eidolon. Whenever the temporary hit points from his eidolon would be reduced to 0, the synthesist can, as a free action, sacrifice any number of his own hit points. Each hit point sacrificed this way prevents 1 point of damage done to the eidolon (thus preventing the loss of the summoner’s temporary hit points), preventing the eidolon from being killed and sent back to its home plane. This ability replaces life link.

Shielded Meld (Ex)

At 4th level, whenever the synthesist is fused with his eidolon, he gains a +2 shield bonus to his Armor Class. This replaces shield ally.

Transfusion (Su)

At 6th level, when the synthesist is at full hit points and would recover hit points beyond his normal maximum for any reason, he can transfer these surplus hit points to his eidolon, thus restoring the temporary hit points he gains from the eidolon. This cannot increase the eidolon form’s temporary hit points past its normal maximum. The eidolon must be alive but need not be present for this ability to work. Transfusion replaces maker’s call.

Maker’s Jump (Sp)

At 8th level, when the synthesist is fused with his eidolon, the synthesist can cast dimension door as a spell-like ability at his caster level. This ability only affects the fused synthesist and eidolon. The synthesist can use this ability once per day at 8th level, plus one additional time per day for every four levels beyond 8th. This replaces transposition.

Greater Shielded Meld (Ex)

At 12th level, whenever the synthesist is fused with his eidolon, he gains a +4 shield bonus to his Armor Class. This ability replaces greater shield ally.

Split Forms (Su)

At 16th level, as a standard action, the synthesist and his fused eidolon can split into two creatures: the synthesist and the eidolon. The eidolon functions as a normal summoner’s eidolon, using the statistics of the synthesist-eidolon combination – including magic items.

It uses the synthesist’s feats and skills. It does not gain any of the synthesist’s other abilities, such as spells or class features. The synthesist loses the temporary hit points gained from the eidolon, which now has a number of hit points equal to four times the remaining temporary hit points and has maximum hit points equal to four times its maximum temporary hit points. When separate, the eidolon can be healed with normal healing spells and powers.

The synthesist emerges in a square adjacent to the eidolon or squeezing in the eidolons space if this is not possible. All items, effects, and spells currently targeting the fused synthesist-eidolon affect both the synthesist and the eidolon. Any effect that could not affect either the synthesist or the eidolon because of type immediately end but remember that the share spells ability. The synthesist can use this ability once per day for a number of rounds equal to his summoner level. He can end this effect at any time as a free action. If the eidolon is still alive when split form ends, the synthesist gains one-fourth of the eidolon’s remaining hit points as temporary hit points

At level 20, the synthesist can instead use this ability for a number of minutes per day equal to his summoner level. This time need not be continuous but must be spent in one-minute intervals. This replaces merge forms and twin eidolon.

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