Hostile Summoner

A hostile summoner subscribes to a philosophy where summoning a creature and risking its life and well-being is inherently a hostile act. As a result, hostile summoners summon creatures of alignments opposed to their own. It is argued that this is a foolish philosophy sure to lead to corruption, but if so, the corruption is too subtle to have been proven.

This archetype works for any class with summon monster spells, but obviously only summoners can use the questionable eidolon ability.

Questionable Eidolon (Ex)

A hostile summoner can have an eidolon of any alignment.

Hostile Summons (Ex)

To the hostile summoner, the act of using a call or summon effect to control a creature of an alignment or alignment subtype is an act of the alignment opposite of the target creature’s alignment. The creature summoned is bound by the summoner’s orders, but interprets its orders according to its personality and alignment; a demon ordered to protect a temple may find killing the refugees inside is the best way to insure the safety of the building, while an angel ordered to stop a riot would most likely choose nonviolent or at least nonlethal methods to do so. The hostile summoner is responsible for the actions of his creatures. If the summoner goes unconscious, summoned creatures still cannot harm him or his allies, but are otherwise free to act as they want, and may go on a rampage.

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