Weretouched shifters are scions of lycanthropic forces, whether hereditary or supernaturally imposed. They can assume both animal and hybrid forms, as a lycanthrope does.

Lycanthrope Aspect (Su)

At 1st level, a weretouched gains the shifter aspect ability, except the animal aspect chosen is the only animal aspect the weretouched can gain. This alters her other class features, as detailed in each relevant class feature. Otherwise, this ability functions identically to shifter aspect.

At 5th level, a weretouched gains DR/silver equal to half her shifter level, to a maximum of DR 10/silver at 20th level. Additionally, a weretouched shifter becomes immune to a lycanthrope’s curse of lycanthropy.

This alters shifter aspect and all of its improvements.

Lycanthropic Empathy (Ex)

At 1st level, a weretouched gains wild empathy and a +4 bonus on wild empathy checks, but this ability works only on the type of animal she chose for her lycanthrope aspect.

This alters wild empathy.

Lycanthropic Wild Shape (Su)

At 4th level, when a weretouched uses wild shape, she can assume only the form of an animal of the same type as her lycanthrope aspect. However, instead of assuming a major form, she can assume a hybrid form that mixes the traits of her natural form and the major form of her aspect. While in a hybrid form, she gain a +2 size bonus to her Strength score, a +2 natural armor bonus to her AC, and all of the natural attacks and abilities listed by her major form. A weretouched also counts as being in her natural form for the purpose of determining whether she can extend her shifter claws. A weretouched’s hybrid form is roughly the same size and shape as her natural form, albeit with bestial qualities such as digitigrade legs or shaggy fur, so her equipment does not merge into her new form when she shifts between her natural form and hybrid form. In addition, the size of a weretouched’s hybrid form is the same as the size of her natural form. This otherwise counts as assuming a major form using wild shape.

This alters wild shape.

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