Rather than assume aspects taken from the traits of natural animals, a leafshifter transforms into plant-animal hybrids that resemble living topiaries. This affords the leafshifter the savage power of the animal kingdom while also granting her the strength and timelessness of plant life.

Shifter’s Slam (Ex)

This ability functions as the shifter claws class feature, except the leafshifter gains two slam attacks instead of two claw attacks. These slam attacks are made with her arms, which are covered in jagged bark and thorns, so these attacks deal bludgeoning and piercing damage.

This alters shifter claws.

Leafshifter’s Aspect (Su)

This ability functions as the shifter aspect ability of the standard shifter, except a leafshifter doesn’t gain the minor forms of her aspects. Instead, whenever she gains a new aspect, she chooses one of the plant focus abilities from the plant master hunter archetype to associate with her new aspect. This choice cannot be changed once made.

This alters shifter aspect.

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