Spirit Medium

The spirit medium is a messenger who regularly communes with the spirit realm. Spirit mediums are rare, as spirits quickly learn of the presence of a youthful medium and often suffocate them with their influences, much as how fearful drowning victims will drag their saviors into the depths. Spirit mediums are ever wary of this danger, as the spirits view them as nothing more than tools to accomplish their ends.

Bind Spirit

A spirit medium can seal pacts with spirits. The character’s binder level equals his or her oracle level, and a spirit medium binds spirits as an occultist of that same level.

Curse of the Medium

A spirit medium is sensitive to the plight of spirits both occult and natural and from the moment the character manifests an oracle’s curse, these spirits buffet a spirit medium like endless waves against a rocky shore, wearing the medium’s resolve away. This constant struggle has several negative side effects. First, a spirit medium gains none of the benefits of listed by the oracle curse’s curse class feature. A spirit medium can possess the dual cursed archetype, in which case neither curse provides the character with any benefits. In addition, a spirit medium suffers a –2 penalty on Will saves and the character always suffer the influence of all spirits that the character initiates a pact with, even when the spirit medium makes a good pact. Feats and effects that suppress or mitigate a spirit’s influence provide no benefit to a spirit medium, such as Unyielding Personality.

Seer (Ex)

Add the following spells to the spirit medium’s list of spells known at the indicated levels: identify (2nd), augury (4th), clairaudience/clairvoyance (6th), divination (8th), contact other plane (10th), true seeing (12th), greater scrying (14th), discern location (16th), foresight (18th).

This replaces the oracle’s ability to add all cure or inflict spells to her list of spells known.


A spirit medium must select the following revelations at the indicated levels.

  • Wisdom of the Spirits: This revelation functions as wisdom of the ancestors, from the ancestor mystery. The spirit medium must select this revelation at 3rd level.
  • Veiled Meditation (Su) You can attempt to commune with the denizens of the spirit realm. Doing so requires a mat scrawled with the letters of the alphabet and a planchette as a material focus. You concentrate for 2d6 rounds (as if maintaining a spell with a duration of concentration) as the planchette slowly begins moving across the board. At this time, you may ask the spirit questions, to which the spirit responds in a language you can understand with either “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.”

    A truthful spirit will answer with “maybe” if the GM determines that it does not know the answer to the question. The GM rolls d% to determine if the spirit answers truthfully or with a lie. The chance for a truthful answer is equal to 40% + double the spirit medium’s level. Each time you ask a question, there is a chance that the spirits will take vengeance. After asking a question, the spirit medium must succeed on a Will save or suffer a –1 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and AC as though the spirit medium disobeyed a spirit’s personality influence. The DC equals 15 + 2d6; determine the DC randomly each time a question is asked. A spirit medium can ask a number of questions each day equal to ½ the spirit medium’s level. The spirit medium must select this revelation at 11th level.

Recommended Mysteries: ancestor, dark tapestry, spirit realm.

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