Spiritist (Oracle)

A spiritist is not only granted spells and revelations but calls spirits to dwell into her body in order to gain power.

Spirit Receptacle (Su)

At 1st level, a spiritist can perform a seance every day to attract spirits related to her mystery (GM’s discretion). She gains the ability to channel one kind of spirit chosen among those available to a medium (base spirits, legendary spirits, or spirits).

The spiritist gains the spirit, spirit bonus, spirit surge, and taboo abilities as a medium of her oracle level. The oracle’s allies cannot participate in this seance. A spiritist gains his spirit’s lesser power at 1st level, its intermediate power at 7th level, its greater power at 15th level, and its supreme power at 20th level.

This replaces oracle’s curse, the oracle’s mystery’s class skills, the revelations gained at 1st-, 7th-, and 15thlevel, and final revelation.

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