Sortilega (Oracle)

A sortilega (male: sortilegus) is a folk oracle who often lives predicting the future for the commoners. Her responses are as nebulous as a charlatan’s, but much more truthful.

Bonus Spells

These bonus spells replace the oracle’s mystery bonus spells at these levels: prognostication (6th), true prognostication (8th)

Curse: A sortilega must take the cryptic curse at 1st level.


A sortilega must select the following revelation at 1st level.

Divine the Fates (Ex)

You can employ a traditional method of divination (tarot reading, runes, weather interpretation, watching the behavior of sacred animals, and so on) to make short- or long- term predictions for an individual or a group. You gain the Prognostication occult skill unlock, even if you don’t meet the prerequisites for it. If you already can use occult skill unlocks or learn them later, you gain Psychic Maestro as a bonus feat instead, with Prognostication as one of your two skill unlocks to use an additional time. You add ½ your oracle level (minimum 1) to Sense Motive checks made to use Prognostication.

Recommended Mysteries: ancestor, dark tapestry, folklore, heavens, lore, occult, streets.

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