Revelator (Oracle)

Secrets divine are revealed to those who possess understanding. Those who understand are worthy of learning the secrets divine. Those who share their knowledge of the secrets divine will know when and where and how to reveal that which had been revealed to them.

Diminished Class Skills: A revelator does not gain the normal class skills granted by her mystery. Instead, she gains one additional skill of choice as a class skill.

Bonus Spells

A revelator does not gain the normal bonus spells granted by her mystery. Instead, she learns one spell of choice from the divination school for every spell level she can cast. These spells can be from either the cleric/oracle or psychic spell list. The spell level of each of these spells must be equal to or lower than half the revelator’s oracle level.

This alters bonus spells.


A revelator must take the following revelation at 1st level.

Expanded Awareness (Su)

As a move action, you can focus on your senses and gain one of the following sensory abilities: blindsense (10 feet), darkvision (30 feet), low-light vision, or scent. This new sense lasts for 1 round per oracle level.

You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier. At 11th level, you can use expanded awareness to gain see in darkness or thoughtsense (20 feet). At 15th level, you can use it to gain lifesense.

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