Philosopher’s Alloy (Su)

Benefit: When the magus enhances her weapon using her arcane pool, she may spend 1 additional point from her arcane pool to duplicate the qualities of either cold iron or silver. This infusion does not modify the weapon’s hardness, its hit points, or its weight, but the weapon is considered to be made of the special material for purposes of bypassing damage reduction. Only a single metal type may be infused at one time. At 9th level, the infusion may instead duplicate the abilities of adamantine for purposes of bypassing damage reduction, and for bypassing hardness less than 20 when sundering weapons or attacking objects.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Wayfinder #7. © 2012, Paizo Fans United; Authors: Thomas Baumbach, John Bennett, Morgan Boehringer, Clinton J. Boomer, Dylan Brooks, Jess Carson, James B. Cline, Will Cooper, Ryan Costello, Jr., Sarah Counts, Paris E. Crenshaw III, Rich Crotty, Ewan Cummins, Matt Drozdowski, Robert Feather, Dawn Fischer, Guy Fox, Caleb T. Gordan, Robert Gresham, Wojciech Gruchala, Eric Hindley, Scott Janke, Michael Kortes, Michael Lane, Thomas LeBlanc, Jeff Lee, Gary McBride, Will McCardell, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Dustin James Nelson, Joseph Prozinski, Matt Rupprecht, Joseph Scott, Liz Smith, Neil Spicer, Russ Taylor, and Margherita Tramontano.

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