A sigilus manipulates the discoveries of wizards, using those findings to create special sigils that allow her to transfer spell effects into different objects for later use. Her craft builds upon traditions that allowed them to infuse magic into their flesh, but rather than infusing magic into her body, the sigilus infuses it into a weapon.

Inscribe Rune (Su)

At 2nd level, a sigilus learns how to magically inscribe a Sin rune onto a weapon. The rune to be inscribed must be chosen from the seven runes that symbolize the seven schools of Sin magic. Note that due to the nature of magus spells, certain runes (and thus certain schools of magic) are more appropriate for inscription than others-the runes for conjuration, evocation, illusion, and transmutation are the strongest choices, while those for abjuration, enchantment, and necromancy are less enticing. Inscribing a rune takes 10 minutes.

Once a weapon has been infused with a rune, the sigilus becomes more adept at using her spell combat ability with spells of that rune’s school. Her penalty on attack rolls when using spell combat is reduced by 1 (to -1) when she casts a spell from the same school as her inscribed rune, but is increased by 2 (to -4) when she uses spell combat with a spell not from her inscribed rune’s school. As long as she has a rune inscribed on her weapon in this manner, she cannot use spells from that rune’s opposition schools at all with spell Combat.

The sigilus can maintain only a single inscribed rune on a weapon at any time; if she inscribes a new rune on a weapon, the previously inscribed rune fades.

This ability replaces spellstrike.

Inscribe Star Rune (Su)

At 7th level, a sigilus learns to inscribe a star rune on a suit of light armor she wears. When she does so, her armor becomes physically empowered with defensive magic, granting her energy resistance 5 to two energy types of her choice selected from acid, cold, fire, electricity, or sonic, and increasing the armor’s armor bonus by 1. (Note that this increase is an armor bonus increase, and thus stacks with any enhancement bonus a suit of magic light armor may have.) Inscribing the star rune in this way becomes part of the sigilus’s spell preparation ritual-she can inscribe a star rune in this way once per day as a result. Each day she inscribes the star rune, she can change the two types of energy resistance it grants as she wishes.

At 13th level, an inscribed star rune grants energy resistance 10 to one energy type and energy resistance 5 to two other energy types, and its armor bonus increases to +2.

A star rune can be inscribed only on light armor-it cannot be inscribed on medium or heavy armor, even if the magus later gains proficiency with medium or heavy armor.

This ability replaces medium armor and heavy armor.

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