There are some who maintain that knowledge seeks to be free, and magical knowledge doubly so. As humanoids expand exploration and trade across the Inner Sea (and beyond), they discover and rediscover new ways in which life and magic shape one another.

Extempresarios derive their raw arcane might from the magic inherent in their blood, but that might is forged and tempered by martial discipline as much as any other magus. While many sages believe that the extempresario path originated with ancient immigrants from the Plane of Faerie and was first adapted for elite agents of a mighty human empire, it has since proliferated and further evolved across multiple bloodlines and cultures.

Force of Personality

Whenever an extempresario uses a standard magus or magus archetype class ability that calls for her Intelligence bonus (such as arcane pool and spell combat, and magus arcana such as arcane accuracy, hasted assault, and rending the shroud), the extempresario instead uses her Charisma bonus.

Spells and Cantrips

An extempresario gains cantrips, spells known, and spells per day as a bard of the same level, but she uses the standard magus class spell list. She also uses her Charisma score instead of Intelligence. An extempresario casts spells spontaneously and applies metamagic feats to her spells in the same manner as other spontaneous arcane casters.

This modifies the standard spells and cantrips abilities, and it replaces the magus spellbook.

Spell Reserves (Su)

At 4th level, the extempresario may use a swift action to prepare an extempresario spell that she knows as a reserve spell by expending a number of points from her arcane pool equal to the spell’s level (minimum 1). Casting a reserve spell does not count against the extempresario’s spells per day. The extempresario may also apply any applicable metamagic arcana—such as extemporaneous metamagic, silent magic, still magic, or similar arcana that duplicates the effect of a metamagic feat—that she knows to this spell by expending an additional number points from her arcane pool equal to the sum of the spell’s modified spell level from each metamagic arcana plus 1 point per metamagic arcana added. She cannot spend more additional points from her arcane pool on spell reserves than ½ her extempresario level. She may retain any prepared reserve spells indefinitely, but the arcane pool points spent count against her daily limit until either the reserve spell is cast or the extempresario next rests.

This ability replaces spell recall.

Knowledge Pool (Su)

At 7th level, when an extempresario rests, she can expend a number of points from her arcane pool up to her Charisma bonus to temporarily add additional spells known, chosen from the standard magus spell list. Adding a spell to the extempresario’s spells known for the day costs a number of points from her arcane pool equal to the spell level. For each point expended, she gains 1 spell level worth of spells. For example, if she spends 4 points, she may chose two 2nd level spells, or one 1st level and one 3rd level spell. She cannot use knowledge pool to gain a higher level spell than she can cast. A cantrip is treated as 1 spell level. She treats these temporary spells as if they were spells she normally knows, retaining them until she next rests, when they are forgotten. She casts these temporary spells as any other spell known, including casting them using her spell reserves ability. However, she may not expend additional points to add metamagic arcana effects to these temporarily known spells.

This ability modifies the standard knowledge pool.

Improved Spell Reserves (Su)

At 11th level, the extempresario’s ability to recall spells using her arcane pool becomes more efficient. Whenever she prepares a spell with spell reserves, she expends a number of points from her arcane pool equal to ½ the spell’s total level (minimum 1), including any extra effective spell levels added by each metamagic arcana. The extempresario still adds 1 additional arcane point per every metamagic arcana added.

This ability replaces improved spell recall.

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