Rather than serving a deity or a church, a witchknight is an inquisitor in service to an occult patron the likes of those which grant witches their heathen power. Whereas witches are specialists in using their arcane powers to befuddle and jinx their enemies, the witchknight blends such eldritch crafts with martial pursuits in order to serve their mysterious lords in different ways.

The witchknight is an archetype of the inquisitor class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

The witchknight gains proficiency with one martial weapon of her choice.

This replaces the inquisitor‘s proficiency with her deity’s favored weapon.

Witch Training

A witchknight treats her witchknight levels as witch levels for the purpose of meeting feat prerequisites.

Patron Spells

A witchknight selects a patron from the list of witch patrons at 1st level. As a witchknight increases in level, the witchknight’s patron adds new spells to the witchknight’s list of spells known. She learns the first patron spell at 2nd level, the second patron spell at 5th level, the third patron spell at 8th level, the fourth patron spell at 11th level, the fifth patron spell at 14th level, and the sixth patron spell at 17th level. The rest of the patron spells are not considered to be part of the witchknight’s spell list.
This ability replaces domain.


A witchknight gains the following judgment in addition to the normal list of inquisitor judgments.
Hexing (Su): When the witchknight scores a critical hit against the target of this judgment, she may cast one of her hexes on the target as an immediate action.


At 1st level, a witchknight is granted a familiar by her patron. This is identical to the witch’s familiar class feature; the witchknight uses her inquisitor level to determine her effective witch level for the purpose of determining her familiar‘s abilities. The witchknight’s list of spells known, including patron spells, is stored in her familiar; she must commune with her familiar each morning to regain her spell slots.
This ability replaces monster lore.


At 3rd level, a witchknight learns one hex from the witch’s list of hexes. This is otherwise identical to the witch’s hex class feature, except that the witchknight uses her Wisdom modifier to determine her hexes‘ save DCs and she learns a new hex at 6th level and every 3 levels thereafter.
This ability replaces solo tactics and teamwork feats.

Major Hex

Starting at 12th level, and every 3 levels thereafter, the witchknight may select a major hex from the witch’s list whenever she could learn a new hex.
This ability replaces greater bane.
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