Trouble always finds a maverick, whether she is a con artist or an honest gambler. Quick with her gun and no stranger to barroom brawls, she can hold her own when bullets and punches start flying.


A maverick gains the following three deeds.

Stacked Deck (Ex): At 1st level, the maverick can spend 1 grit point when she attempts a Bluff, Profession (gambler), or Sleight of Hand check to roll 1d6 and add the result to the check. She can do this after she rolls the check but before the result is revealed. If the result of the d6 roll is a natural 6, she rolls another 1d6 and adds it to the check. She can continue to do this as long as she rolls natural 6s, up to a number of times equal to her Wisdom modifier (minimum 1).

This deed replaces the gunslinger’s dodge deed.

Fist Fighter (Ex): At 3rd level, as long as the maverick has at least 1 grit point, she gains the benefit of the Improved Unarmed Strike feat.

This deed replaces the pistol whip deed.

Gun Twirl (Ex): At 3rd level, as long as the maverick has at least 1 grit point, she can use flashy gunplay to intimidate her opponents. She gains the Dazzling Display feat and can use it with any firearm, even if she doesn’t have Weapon Focus in that firearm.

This deed replaces the gunslinger initiative deed.

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