A castellan is a cavalier who dedicates himself to the defense of a castle or walled city. Though not as celebrated as the cavaliers who ride forth to take on distant foes, the castellan is no less brave or important, for the castellan and his allies are the last line of defense for those who depend on the fortification for protection.

Castle Defender

At 1st level, a castellan gains a +1 bonus to Armor Class and an additional +1 bonus on attack rolls when he is on higher ground. He also gains an additional +1 bonus to Armor Class and on Reflex saves when he has cover other than soft cover from other creatures. At 6th level, a castellan gains evasion (as a rogue) when he has cover (but not soft cover) against the source of the attack.

At 11th level, these bonuses increase by 1. At 16th level, he gains improved evasion instead of evasion. Both the evasion and improved evasion abilities work even when the castellan wears medium or heavy armor.

This ability replaces mount.

Castle Lore

At 3rd level, the castellan gains a +2 bonus on initiative checks and Knowledge (engineering), Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nobility), Perception, and Stealth checks when he is in urban terrain, including fortifications. A castellan in an urban environment can always act in a surprise round, though he remains flat-footed until he acts. At 8th level and every 5 levels thereafter, the castellan’s bonuses on skill and initiative checks increase by 2.

This ability replaces cavalier’s charge.

Guard Companion

At 4th level, the castellan forms a bond with an animal companion that serves as a guard.

While most castellans select birds or canines, the castellan can choose any animal companions available to rangers.

This ability functions like the druid nature bond ability, except that the castellan’s effective druid level is equal to his cavalier level – 3 and his animal companion doesn’t gain the share spells special ability.

This ability replaces expert trainer.

Mighty Defense

At 11th level, when the castellan readies an action to make a melee attack against a creature that is not yet adjacent to him, he doubles the threat range of any melee weapons wielded during the attack. This increase doesn’t stack with other effects that increase the threat range of his weapons. In addition, the cavalier can attempt a free dirty trick, disarm, sunder, or trip combat maneuver if his readied attack is successful.

This free combat maneuver doesn’t provoke an attack of opportunity.

This ability replaces mighty charge.

Defending Challenge

At 12th level, the castellan takes no penalty to Armor Class when using his challenge ability.

This ability replaces demanding challenge.

Supreme Defense

At 20th level, whenever the castellan readies an action to make a melee attack against a creature that is not yet adjacent to him, his readied attack deals double the normal amount of damage (or triple the damage if using a brace weapon against a charge). In addition, if the cavalier confirms a critical hit on the readied attack, the target is stunned for 1d4 rounds. A successful Will save (DC = 10 + the cavalier’s class level + the cavalier’s Strength modifier) reduces this to being staggered for 1d4 rounds.

This ability replaces supreme charge.

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