Living Pigment

Prerequisite(s): Divine inks discovery

The alchemist infuses his inks and dyes with a spark of animating force. As a standard action, he can expend one daily use of his bombs and a 1st-level extract he has prepared to create a creature, as summon monster I, using his level as the spell’s caster level. The extract is expended as if the alchemist had consumed it. The alchemist can expend a higher-level extract when using this ability to create a creature using a summon monster spell of a level equal to the level of extract expended. For example, if the alchemist expends a 4th-level extract, he can create a creature as if using summon monster IV. Additionally, the alchemist can expend an additional use of his daily bombs when creating a creature in this way to grant the creature the celestial or fiendish template.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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