Alchemists are renowned for their powerful concoctions and their impressive effects on the body, both beneficial and harmful. Some chose to forgo the study of poisons and venoms to instead create special tinctures that alter the structure of inanimate objects, giving them more flexibility in their approach.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

The metallurgist is proficient with all simple weapons, bombs, plus one martial weapon of his choice.

This alters the alchemist’s weapon proficiencies.

Salve I

At 2nd level, a metallurgist learns how to create salves, a special form of extract that is applied to an object, rather than imbibed. These salves are prepared just as any alchemist extract and take a daily extract slot as normal. Using a salve requires the metallurgist to pour the contents onto the target object; this effectively causes the spell to have a range of “touch”, regardless of the effect’s original range. If the metallurgist has the infusion discovery, another character can pour the infused salve instead. Salves cannot be used on creatures.

The following salves can be learned as 1st-level extracts: alchemical tinkering, alter weapon, animate rope, blade lash, break, jury-rig, magic aura, magic weapon, mirror polish, refine improvised weapon, reinforce armaments, unerring weapon. He only learns one of these salves upon gaining this ability. Salves can be researched as normal upon gaining a level or by copying them from a formula book or spellbook.

This ability replaces poison use and the discovery at 2nd level.

Salve II

At 5th level, a metallurgist can learn the following salves as 2nd-level extracts: alter weight, brow gasher, chill metal, energy weapon, heat metal, make whole, masterwork transformation, mirror hideaway, refine ore, reinforce armaments (communal), returning weapon, ricochet shot, rope trick, shatter, silk to steel, versatile weapon, ward object.

This ability replaces poison resistance +4.

Salve III

At 8th level, a metallurgist can learn the following salves as 3rd-level extracts: alter weapon (greater), dancing steel, heart of the metal, keen edge, magic vestment, magic weapon (greater), returning weapon (communal), shrink item, tempering.

This ability replaces poison resistance +6.

Salve IV

At 10th level, a metallurgist can learn the following salves as 4th-level extracts: mirror transport, named bullet, quicksilver, rusting grasp.

This ability replaces poison immunity.

Salve V

At 14th level, a metallurgist can learn the following salves as 5th-level extracts: alter weight (mass), fabricate, reconstruct, tempering (greater), unmake, vorpal edge.

This ability replaces persistent mutagen.

Salve VI

At 18th level, a metallurgist can learn the following salves as 6th-level extracts: disintegrate, named bullet (greater), teleport object, transmute metal to stone, transmute stone to metal.

This ability replaces his 18th-level discovery.

Discoveries: The following discoveries complement the metallurgist archetype: combine extracts, explosive missile, grand mutagen, greater mutagen, infusion.

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