Wild Experimenter

The wild experimenter disregards technique, recipes, and tradition when making his bombs, preferring to randomly mix ingredients and see what happens. He can be a bane to both his allies and his enemies if he isn’t careful when aiming his unusual creations; indiscreet wild experimenters are often forced to go from place to place and from party to party, not fitting in anywhere due to his causing of random destruction and other strange events wherever he goes.

The wild experimenter is an archetype of the alchemist class.

Wild Magic Bombs

When the wild experimenter throws a bomb, he may choose to make it a wild magic bomb by mixing the ingredients haphazardly without regard for proper technique. When he does this, the bomb deals half its normal damage, but the wild experimenter rolls on the primal magic event table to determine its additional effect, using his alchemist level as the event’s CR. If the effect chosen affects an area, use the bomb’s area rather than the area listed on the table. If it affects a single target, use the target struck by the bomb; if no creature was struck directly, randomly determine a creature in the area to be the target.

This ability replaces mutagen.

Improved Wild Magic Bombs

At 14th level, when the wild experimenter throws a wild magic bomb, he may roll twice on the table and choose which result to use.

This ability replaces persistent mutagen.
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Advanced Archetypes © 2014, Flaming Crab Games; Authors: Tanner Wahlin, Alex Abel, and C. J. Withers

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