White-Haired Witch

A white-haired witch concentrates her mysterious powers on improving her prowess in melee, using feats of agility and her prehensile hair to deal extreme damage.

The white-haired witch is an archetype of the witch class.

White Hair (Su)

At 1st level, a white-haired witch gains the ability to use her hair as a weapon. This functions as a primary natural attack with a reach of 5 feet. The hair deals 1d4 points of damage (1d3 for a Small witch) plus the witch’s Intelligence modifier. In addition, whenever the hair strikes a foe, the witch can attempt to grapple that foe with her hair as a free action* without provoking an attack of opportunity, using her Intelligence modifier in place of her Strength modifier when making the combat maneuver check. When a white-haired witch grapples a foe in this way, she does not gain the grappled condition.

At 4th level and every four levels thereafter, a white-haired witch’s hair adds 5 feet to its reach, to a maximum of 30 feet at 20th level.

The hair cannot be sundered or attacked as a separate creature.

In addition, a white-haired witch further improves her ability to control her hair as she progresses in level, gaining the following abilities:

Constrict (Ex): At 2nd level, when the white-haired witch’s hair successfully grapples an opponent, it can begin constricting her victim as a swift action*, dealing damage equal to that of its attack.

Trip (Ex): At 4th level, a white-haired witch who successfully strikes a foe with her hair can attempt a combat maneuver check to trip the creature as a swift action*.

Pull (Ex): At 6th level, a white-haired witch who successfully strikes a foe with her hair can attempt a combat maneuver check to pull the creature 5 feet closer to her as a swift action*.

Strangle (Ex): At 8th level, when the white-haired witch’s hair is grappling with an opponent, that creature is considered strangled, and cannot speak or cast spells with verbal components.

This ability replaces hex.

Rogue Talents

At 10th level, a white-haired witch learns a rogue talent, using her white-haired witch level in place of her rogue level.

At 12th level and for every two levels thereafter, she gains an additional rogue talent. A white-haired witch cannot select an individual rogue talent more than once, and can select from among the following: assault leader, combat trick, finesse rogue, major magic, minor magic, positioning attack, resiliency, surprise attack, and weapon training.

At 18th level and 20th level, a white-haired witch can choose from among the following advanced rogue talents: another day, defensive roll, improved evasion, opportunist, redirect attack, slippery mind, and thoughtful reexamining.

This ability replaces major hex and grand hex.


With the Witch’s ability to grab as a free action on an attack, is that also a swift action or does it function like the monster ability Grab?

The grab part of the white hair (ability) functions like the monster ability; it doesn’t take an action at all and is a part of the main attack.


Note: The Paizo staffer making the above statement was James Jacobs, the Creative Director. It is important to note that James, while very knowledgeable, is not a developer or designer of the Pathfinder rules and is occasionally overruled by one of the designers (like Jason, Sean, or Stephen.) In this case though since this post has been up since January of 2012, it seems that it has not been challenged or overruled by another designer. In any case, since this has not appeared in an “official” errata document, it is up to the GM to determine if this is the way the ability runs in his or her campaign.

The White Hair ability in the book shows that constrict, trip, and pull are free actions, why does it say that they are swift actions here?

The constrict, trip, and pull actions have been errata’d to be swift actions by developer Patrick Renie.


Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Player Companion: Dragon Empires Primer © 2011, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: Tim Hitchcock and Colin McComb.

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