Occult Sadist

This is an archetype for the inquisitor class.

Though sadism is hardly unique to occult practitioners, spirits are poised to evoke the worst in anyone and this is especially true for inquisitors who allow themselves too much pleasure in their grim work. Occult sadists form as such individuals slip into the arms of the foulest, most self-indulgent spirits, the only ones who sympathize with such destructive desires.

Alignment: Any non-Good.

Bind Spirits

An occult sadist can seal pacts with spirits. The occult sadist’s binder level equals the character’s inquisitor level, and an occult sadist binds spirits as an occultist of that same level. An occult sadist uses Wisdom in place of Charisma on binding checks and when calculating the effectiveness of granted abilities.

Constellation Alignment

At 1st level, an occult sadist aligns with any one constellation except for the following: Angel, Hero, or Seer.

The occult sadist cannot seal pacts with a spirit whose constellation opposes the aligned constellation. Also, reduce the occult sadist’s binder level by ½ when making binding checks with unaligned spirits.

Diminished Spellcasting

An occult sadist possesses 1 less spell per day at each spell level. An occult sadist who would receive 0 spells per day only receives bonus spells earned as a result of a high Wisdom score.

Touch of Pain (Su)

Beginning at 3rd level, an occult sadist can wreck a creature with a n intense pain that manifests as real wounds. This ability functions as an antipaladin’s touch of corruption, except that it cannot be used to heal undead and the occult sadist uses Wisdom in place of Charisma when calculating its effects.

At 6th level and every 3 levels thereafter, the occult sadist receives a cruelty, as the antipaladin class feature of the same name. An occult sadist must meet the cruelty’s antipaladin level prerequisite in order to obtain it; use the occult sadist’s level –3 for this purpose. Use Wisdom in place of Charisma when calculating the effects of an occult sadist’s cruelties. Touch of pain and any cruelties the occult sadist gains in this manner are pain effects.

This ability replaces solo tactics and all of the inquisitor’s teamwork feats.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pact Magic Unbound Vol. 2 © 2012, Radiance House. Authors: Alexander Augunas and Dario Nardi.

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