Secret Signs (Ex)

Benefit(s): The ninja has been trained to use simple hand symbols to express complicated concepts. As long as the ninja has at least one hand free, she can make a Bluff check to deliver a secret message without making any noise (even to creatures not proficient with the secret sign language). If the recipients of the secret message also have the secret signs trick or have taken secret signs as a language, the ninja can communicate up to twenty words to them as a free action once per turn (rather than the secret message taking twice as long to deliver as it would if spoken normally, as is the case with a typical Bluff check).

Designer Note: Secret Signs as a Language

The sign language of the ninja detailed in the secret signs trick can also be learned as a language using the Linguistics skill. Only characters with access to an instructor that already has secret signs as a trick or language may gain access to this language through Linguistics, and normally ninja only teach other ninja or their clan or organization their secret signs. A rogue ninja might opt to train her allies the secret sign language to ease communication, but doing so certainly won’t endear her to any other ninjas who discover such training.

A character with secret signs as a language can send and receive messages without speaking to other creatures that have taken the language as part of the Linguistics skill or who have the secret signs trick, as long as they are within line of sight. However, without the secret sign trick, knowing secret signs is not enough to make Bluff checks to send secret messages silently to those not familiar with the language, nor can secret messages be sent as a free action to those proficient with the language.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Ultimate Options: Power of the Ninja © 2011, Rogue Genius Games, LLC; Author: Owen K.C. Stephens.

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