Fractured Mirror (Su)

Benefit: When a ninja with this trick uses the shadow clone ninja trick, she gains an additional clone for every 3 ninja levels she has, to a maximum of eight clones. In addition, while she has shadow clones deployed, the ninja can cause any number of her clones to split from herself as part of a move action. The shadow clones move up to the ninja’s speed at her will each time she uses a move action to move. Shadow clones separated in this way are not considered part of the shadow clone trick until they return to the ninja’s square, though they can still be destroyed while separated. Shadow clones separated from the ninja have an AC equal to the ninja’s AC – 5 and cannot take any actions, though they can provide flanking. Shadow clones do not occupy any space and a creature can freely enter a shadow clone’s square. The ninja must have the shadow clone ninja trick to select this trick.

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