Rappa are the thugs of the ninja world, specializing in dealing damage to structures and blowing up units of foes rather than pinpoint assassination attacks against individual targets. Where most ninja are masters of attacks that target a foe’s vitals, rappa prefer to use bombs placed in strategic areas to wipe out multiple enemies at once. While this brute force approach is often looked down upon by other ninja, there is little question any ninja clan turns to their rappa when a castle wall needs to be breached by explosives, or hordes of guards must be distracted to allow a single important figure to be assassinated.

Rappa may be seen as the blunt weapons of the ninja clans, but their ability to deal extensive damage in an area is nevertheless of great tactical use valued by the leaders of the most powerful ninja clans.

Bombs (Su)

A rappa gains the ability to make and throw bombs. This works as the alchemist class ability of the same name, except the rappa can use a number of bombs each day equal to his class level + his Charisma modifier, and the rappa adds his Charisma modifier (rather than his Intelligence modifier) to damage dealt by his bombs. The rappa uses his ninja level as his alchemist level for all calculations regarding bombs. This replaces the sneak attack ability.

Ninja Tricks

Rappa cannot take any ninja trick (or rogue talent) that augments or modifies sneak attacks. The rappa may take any alchemist discovery with “bomb” in the title as a ninja trick, using his rappa level as his alchemist level for any prerequisite.

The rappa may also choose to take the blinding bomb, choking bomb, and poison bomb ninja tricks and apply their effects to his alchemical bombs, but each use of these tricks costs the rappa 1 ki point. The smoke bomb alchemical discovery counts as the smoke bomb trick for purposes of fulfilling these trick’s prerequisites. (A rappa does not need, and should not take, the smoke bomb ninja trick.) A rappa can combine ninja tricks and alchemical discoveries in the same bomb, even if the trick and discovery have the same name, but doing so costs a total of 2 ki points.

For example, Red Badger is a 12th level rappa with the smoke bomb and poison bomb alchemical discoveries and the poison bomb ninja trick. When he throws a bomb, he may choose to have it create a thick cloud of smoke (using the smoke bomb discovery), have that smoke act as a cloudkill (using the poison bomb discovery), and adding the effects of one poison in his possession (spending 2 ki points to use the poison bomb ninja trick).

A rappa with access to master tricks can also select the following new ninja trick:

Ki Bomb (Su): When the rappa throws a bomb that deals hp damage, he may spend one ki point to treat any bomb damage die that results in a “1” as if the die had rolled a “2.” This also affects the bomb’s minimum damage, for purposes of splash damage.

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