Evil arises in every form imaginable, not just in hearts full of destruction and chaos. Tyrants are manipulative and lawful antipaladins, chess masters who arrange things behind the scenes to ensure that whatever happens, evil always wins, and the tyrant along with it. Unlike other antipaladins, tyrants are all too happy to associate with good creatures, the better to manipulate them into performing evil acts.

Tyrant’s Code: A tyrant must be of lawful evil alignment and loses all class features except proficiencies if he willingly and altruistically commits good acts. This does not mean the tyrant can’t take actions someone else might qualify as good, only that such actions must always be in service of his own dark ambitions. A tyrant’s code requires that he place his own sinister goals above all else, respect rightful authority even as he twists its loopholes to his own ends, impose tyranny, and punish all those who dare dissent. A tyrant can accept underlings of any alignment; he cares not who serves him, only that they are truly loyal to him. He can even work alongside good-aligned individuals, as long as he is secretly manipulating them.

This alters the antipaladin’s code of conduct and associated abilities, as well as the section on ex-antipaladins.

Class Skills

A tyrant adds Diplomacy to his list of class skills, instead of Ride.

This alters the antipaladin’s class skills.

Diabolic Boon (Sp)

At 5th level, if a tyrant chooses to gain the services of a fiendish servant with his fiendish boon ability, he must choose a fiendishanimal or a creature with the lawful and evil subtypes.

This ability alters fiendish boon.


Should the tyrant have anarchic weapons as an option for it’s fiendish boon? What about dispel law, protection from law, communal protection from law, and magic circle against law?

No, the tyrant should be able to have axiomatic weapons for its fiendish boon, and the spells should all be against chaos, rather than law. This will be reflected in the next errata.


Section 15: Copyright Notice

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