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Marvin's Marvelous Magical Arms and Armor

Vendor: Total Party Kill Games
Type: Book
Price: 9.99

“A moment of yout time, good people...” That is how I would begin each time I tried to sell my wares on any dingy street corner of any dark alley that would allow me to do so and even those that saw me shooed away. Selling fraudulence was my job, and anyone easily duped, my patron!

After years of humdrum sales had caused me to lead a unexceptional existence.

I realized that it was time to revise my business plan. Setting forth to every corner of every realm, I had bought my way from rogue and hooligan to the best known magus and thaumaturge to collect for you the greatest assemblage of the arcane. A miscellany of the magical that any world has ever known.

With that, I give to you MARVINS MARVELOUS MAGICAL ITEMS, arms and armor catalogue.

Please remember to shop responsibly. The items you buy now may one day be used against you!


Marvin's Marvelous Magical Arms and Armor is a grand product harkening back to the 20s era of catalogues and newspaper ads. All of your favorite items and more are listed herein with illustrations.

The Forest Queen's Radiance

Vendor: Total Party Kill Games
Type: Book
Price: 9.99

The Forest Queen's Radiance

This adventure revolves around the fey and their interaction with mortals on the Prime Material Plane. In this module, the vengeful Forest Queen of the Haleathemyr Vale seeks retribution against the mortals who would trespass in her lands.

This adventure is meant for 5th-7th level characters. In this book, WizCoGames introduces a new game mechanic for 5th Edition called “Trials”.Trials are large scale encounters with a wide variety of objectives that go beyond just combat. It would be useful for the adventurers to have a wide variety of skills available to them for these Trials.This edition of The Forest Queen’s Radiance is apromotional module in partnership with Skullsplitter Dice for their 2019 Dice Kickstarter. Future versions of this book will be part of an Adventure Series byWizCo Games, LLC. that will allow them to continue the storyline.


Vendor: Total Party Kill Games
Type: Book
Price: 20.00


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Here's what you get:

Dwellers in Dream

The Demonologist Base Class

Fifth Edition Options

Fifth Edition Feats



Fifty Magnificently Murderous Mimics

Vendor: Total Party Kill Games
Type: Book
Price: 0.00

The mimic has lived on in every edition of Dungeons & Dragons since, as well as any number of role-playing games that trace their lineage back to D&D. In this post, we are going to take things up a notch and introduce you to the idea of 50 seemingly ordinary things that just might end up ruining the day for your player-characters. These mimics are cleverly disguised hunters just waiting for the right moment to strike at - and feast on - their prey.

"50 Magnificently Murderous Mimics" features not only cruel ways for a Gamemaster to spring a mimic on their players, but also stats for eight different sizes and types of mimics to help scale an encounter for any occasion. Perhaps a GM wants a boat-sized mimic to ambush the PCs at sea. Maybe an unassuming hand mirror is a great way to surprise an adventurer as they are settling in for the evening.

This product was created and paid for by our Patrons on the WizCo Games Patreon. You can find more great content there and on the Wizards of the Couch stream.

Dark Magus Dice Set

Vendor: Total Party Kill Games
Type: Dice
Price: 10.99

Semitransparent blue and purple plastic dice with white numbering. Perfect for all of your tabletop RPG needs (D&D, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Savage Worlds, etc.).