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Rogue Genius Games

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Occult Skill Guide: Soulless

Vendor: Rogue Genius Games
Type: Book
Price: 3.99

By Alexander Augunas

Unleash occult secrets penned in antiquity, long forgotten to the modern world into your Starfinder RPG campaign with Everyman Gaming’s new Occult Skill Guide series! From occultic rituals to terrifying corruptions, from powerful pacts and terrible corruptions, the Occult Skill Guide has what you need to bring the mysteries of the occult into the far-flung future!

This installment of the Occult Skill Guide introduces: the soulless, deadly creatures formed when mortal souls are wholly corrupted by intense primal emotion. This product includes a new corruption, soulless consumption, and eight all-new soulless creatures: glooms, gloomballs, gloomigers, ushers, and more!

With Everyman Gaming, innovation is never more than a page away!

Starfarer's Codex: Soldier Gear Boosts

Vendor: Rogue Genius Games
Type: Book
Price: 1.95

Gear Up!

Soldiers are the unquestioned masters of mayhem, and when they gear up for war, they often do so with preferred equipment they know how to use to maxim effect. This product includes more than 30 new gear boost options that give soldiers the option to gain an edge with everything from fire extinguishers to shooting sites to line weapons.

Super Powered Legends: Imperial Bodyguard

Vendor: Rogue Genius Games
Type: Book
Price: 1.95

The Emperor’s Guard

The Imperial Bodyguard are agents of the Grand Emperor – the self-imposed monarch of Hong Kong – who have sworn and proven their loyalty, earning the gift of superhuman powers. The Grand Emperor bestows these powers upon his trusted agents by using the ancient techno-magic of the Lemurian serpent-men. Not all of these agents survive the augmentation, and sometimes are driven insane by the powers filling their bodies. These unfortunate subjects are destroyed for their own sake. Those who survive go on to serve the Emperor loyally.

Encantado (PL 9) – Criminal mercenary with a flight suit

Osprey (PL 10) – Stronger, faster – a cyborg made with techno-magic

Whiteout (PL 10) – Cold energy manipulator in a suit of environmental armor

Super Powered Legends. Because sometimes you a need a character everyone knows, even if they're meeting them for the first time.

Designed and Illustrated by Jacob Blackmon, Super Powered by M&M!

The Ghosts of Sparwell Lodge

Vendor: Rogue Genius Games
Type: Book
Price: 5.95

An Ill Wind Blows

The exclusive Sparwell Lodge exemplifies a vanishing class of aristocratic clubs. The lodge has a long and glorious tradition, but time has eclipsed the martial glories of its members.

But now the lodge, and indeed the whole region around it, has begun to suffer attacks from eldritch vexwinds. The members of the lodge seem helpless to stop these attacks, and some whisper they may even be the cause!

Can the heroes find the secret of the Ghosts of Sparwell Lodge, before it’s too late?

Ghosts of Sparwell Lodge is a Pathfinder Second edition compatible adventure for four to six characters of 4th level, written by Paizo Developer (and member of the Washington State Bar) Ron Lundeen!

Monster Ominicron: Panoptant

Vendor: Rogue Genius Games
Type: Book
Price: 1.95


Serving as keepers of lore and guardians for druid circles throughout the world, panoptants are massive beings made from plant matter and dozens of smaller creatures known as panoptins. Druids create panoptins as living repositories of knowledge, and may assign them specific tasks they go to great lengths to accomplish. When panoptins return to join the others of its kind they create a panoptant, which both serves as the central hub of the circle’s knowledge and as a guardian for the circle’s home.

Each Monsteromnicron presents one monster compatible with the second edition of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, written by experts and fully illustrated.