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The Dragon's Hoard #34

Vendor: Legendary Games
Type: Book
Price: 5.99

Magic, Monsters, and More!

The Dragon’s Hoard is a monthly anthology of magic items, spells, monsters, and more for your 5th Edition campaign! Each issue of The Dragon’s Hoard takes every new magic item, spell, monster, or other new rules content from our ongoing Legendary Loot Patreon and presents it for you, with dozens of new elements beautifully illustrated and ready to unleash on your players! In this month's features you'll find:

• The Treasure Trove, featuring magnificent magical items like the trapspringer's wand, forgefist oil, everwake ring, and mind sentinel medallion!

• Basker’s Books, featuring new spells for every 5E spellcasting class like stormrage, trail of filth, lightning ring, and ectoplasmic snare!

• Character Options, featuring new special features for your classes like the Oath of the Heretical Student and fantastic feats like Cruel Kiss of Thunder and Conduit of the Black Blade!

• Marvelous Monsters, featuring killer creatures across every challenge level like the time-twisting cuegle, the bloodthirsty deinos herd, and the devastating hundred-handed hekatonkheires!

Join the Legendary Loot Patreon to get brand-new 5E rules content every single day plus other amazing benefits or pick up The Dragon's Hoard every month and get 26 pages of terrific treasures, terrifying foes, and more to Make Your Game Legendary!

Iconic Archetypes: Battlesuit

Vendor: Misfit Studios
Type: Book
Price: 0.99

This ICONS Superpowered RPG release brings you The Battlesuit Iconic Archetype. This ready-to-go character build provides a foundation for you to develop a hero wearing an armored suit full of gadgets and weaponry. Gamemasters can also use the archetype as the basis for quickly building NPC heroes or villains off the cuff.

Each Iconic Archetype presents the basic build, plus ideas for some typical roles the character may fill, along with variations you may want to explore.

ICONS and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Steve Kenson and Ad Infinitum Adventures, and are used under license

Both a color and print-friendly version of the product are included.

Quick Generator Forest Names & Concepts

Vendor: Ennead Games
Type: Book
Price: 1.99

Quick Generator Forest Names & Concepts

For when you need a name, concept or quick description for a forest

When exploring or naming features for maps or stories etc., sometimes you do not have a needed label that can be applied to an area. This can make trying to give directions difficult. Or it could be you just need a quick description for a forest.

This can be used for forests, jungles or other tree based area of a similar nature.

This quick generator PDF gives you two d100 tables that, when the results are combined, give you 10,000 possible names (official or nickname/use names), concepts or quick descriptions.

Publishers note - This can be used as a stand alone product or as an extended version of the name table in “Terrain Feature - Forests” also by Ennead Games

Examples of outputs include...

  • Enchanted Orchard
  • Lush Morass
  • Violet Backwoods
Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition Terrors & Wastelanders Dispatch #4

Vendor: Misfit Studios
Type: Book
Price: 2.00

Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition Terrors & Wastelanders Dispatch #4

This release for Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition presents the Terrors & Wastelanders Dispatch #4. Each dispatch contains a combination of Terrors and/or Wastelanders for use in the Twisted Earth or other post-apocalyptic settings for the Savage Worlds role-playing game.

This dispatch includes:

  • Longbite: A mutated descendant of the hyena, these deadly pack hunters have an impressive bite radius and can sense mutated creatures and radiation.
  • Ogglon: These mutated insects inject their prey with irradiated poison to cook it from the inside out. They also form deadly swarms.
  • Shishe: Descended from rattlesnakes, these large serpents have exchanged their rattles for a sharp spike that delivers paralytic venom.
  • Void Cat: These highly-prized cats have developed the ability to sense mutation and are constantly surrounded by a psychic "void" that negates Neural Powers.

Both a color and print-friendly version of the product are included.

Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition products are published by Misfit Studios under license from RPGObjects.

All Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition products are designed using the SWADE edition of the Savage Worlds game system.

This game references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at Savage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.

S-Class Characters: Slayers

Vendor: Samurai Sheepdog
Type: Book
Price: 1.00

"The original Pathfinder RPG summoner class is fine."

I'm glad you think so. In that case, you're going to love the s-class slayer, which has been balanced around the same general power level as the original summoner while still remaining fully compatible with a standard adventuring party. In fact, we are retuning every other class to be on par with that one, and the slayer is just one such offering. If this proves popular, we'll be sure to release more, and eventually collect them into a full book for POD.

==What's Inside==

* A full, 20-level s-class that you can bring to the table right beside others like it, including the original s-class, the summoner.

* 4 s-class slayer guilds to join, including the Explorer's League, Ruffians, Shadowclan, and the Vanguard. Each guild includes features and guild-specific talents that give the s-class slayer greater versatility of choices packaged in an easy-to-grasp way.

* 28 talents and 8 advanced talents new and collected from different sources for easy reference, as well as over 30 guild-specific talents that you can still select normally if you meet their other prerequisites.

In addition to the s-class description, this is a full-use document for your character. No need to look at other books unless you need to know greater details, such as feat prerequisites and such (we intentionally summarize these so they're usable, but you have a reason to pick those up if you want to use them outside of the context of the s-class character).

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