Reavers are those Malefactors that specialize in crippling their opponents with their dangerous powers and then quickly eliminating them in their weakened states.

Heavy Armor Proficiency (Ex)

Reavers are fully capable of donning heavy armor and going face to face with the toughest of opponents.

Cursed Blade (Ex)

Whenever the Reaver uses a melee weapon against a cursed opponent, they gain +1d6 points of bonus damage. Each time a Reaver can choose an additional malediction, he can instead elect to add an additional +1d6 of damage to his Cursed Blade attacks.

This ability replaces luck of the damned.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Malefactor Base Class. Copyright, June 25, 2012, Total Party Kill Games. Author(s): Brian Berg and James Olchak.

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