Doom Herald

The Doom Herald spells out the doom of others and it becomes truth. They are grand proselytizers who foretell the coming of great events and tragedies. Their words leave the listener more susceptible to ill fate.

Guileful Polyglot (Ex)

As per the feat, the Doom Herald gains 2 additional languages, or 4 additional languages if he has at least one rank in Linguistics.

Divine Will (Ex)

The Doom Herald’s conviction is greater than most, and he shrugs off mental attacks with ease. You gain a +2 divine bonus to all saves made against mind-affecting abilities.

This ability replaces luck of the damned.

Utterance of Damnation (Ex)

The Doom Herald speaks of doom and the target becomes hopeless and more susceptible to curses. As a standard action, the Doom Herald speaks words of conviction and all enemies within 60’ who are capable of hearing (and comprehending) the Herald’s speech must make Will saves equal to 10 plus half the Doom Herald’s level plus Charisma modifier or be forced to roll twice for all saving throws related to curses or hexes, taking the worse result.

This ability replaces aura of misfortune.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Malefactor Base Class. Copyright, June 25, 2012, Total Party Kill Games. Author(s): Brian Berg and James Olchak.

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