Tinne (Holly)

The spirit of the holly is represented by the tinne ogham and is associated with both protection and vengeance.

The counterpart of the dúir spirit, the spirit of tinne is the bearer of winter and its inner fire represents both the destructive and regenerative granted by flames that burn in the darkest of times. The spirit of tinne reveals that life can and will exist in the darkest of times and in the most inhospitable of conditions.

Bonus Feat: Blessing of Tinne or Toughness

Spells: 1sticicle dagger, 2ndresist energy (cold only), 3rdsleet storm, 4thice storm, 5thicy prison, 6thcold ice strike, 7thice body, 8thtemporal stasis, 9thicy prison (mass)

Cold Hydration (Sp)

At 1st level, you can wrap yourself or one other with a sheathe of frost as a standard action. The recipient of the effect regains a number of lost hit points equal to ½ your class level (minimum of 1) as well as energy resistance versus cold with the same value that lasts 1d4 rounds.

You may use this power 3 + your Wisdom modifier times per day.

Inner Warmth (Su)

AT 8th level, you gain a energy resistance versus cold equal to your class level. You may pass this effect by touch to another as a standard action, though you will no longer benefit from it while it is affecting another. When passed on to another individual, the effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to ½ your class level or until the recipient chooses to pass it back to you by touch as a standard action as well (whichever comes first). You may pass this effect to another a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

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