Ruis (Elder)

The spirit of the elder tree is represented by the ruis ogham, and represents both death and renewal along with banishing dark forces. The elder was known for providing protection from supernatural forces while also preserving the essence of life forces transition within its own cycle of rebirth and often used in funerary rites and ceremonies. Ruis is also seen as a symbol of overcoming the supernatural realm of the fey whose lives run contrary to the natural world from which the spirit of the ruis oversees.

Bonus Feat: Blessing of Ruis or Self-Sufficient

Spells: 1stdeathwatch, 2ndgentle repose, 3rdspeak with dead, 4threincarnate, 5threst eternal, 6thundeath to death, 7thtrue seeing, 8thsymbol of death, 9thregenerate

Witch Ward (Sp)

At 1st level, you can craft a charm from a piece of elder as a standard action. You may give this charm to an ally or you may wear it yourself, gaining a +1 circumstance bonus to any Will saving throws involving mind-affecting effects including fear based effects. The bonus also applies to any saving throws versus any type of witch’s hex and the ward grants a +1 deflection bonus to the wearer’s AC versus any hex that requires a touch attack roll. The ward lasts until dawn the next day, at which point the magic completely fades.

You may create a total number of such wards per day equal to your Wisdom modifier. Only the first ward given is effective, any other wards have no effect to the individual it was given (including yourself). At 6th level, 11th level, and 16th level, the deflection and circumstance bonuses both increase by +1 (maximum of +4).

Elder Blessing

At 8th level, you gain access to a single common witch hex.

Any saving throws required for the effects of the hex is equal to 10 + ½ your class level + your Wisdom modifier.

At 12th level you gain access to a second common hex. At 16th level, you may choose either another common hex or a single major hex. At 20th level you may choose a second major hex.

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