Fearn (Alder)

The spirit of the alder tree is represented by the ogham character of fearn and is associated with bravery, battle, and the realm of water. It is believed that the spirit of the fearn provides protection from drowning, instilling savagery in battle, and remaining steadfast in the heat of combat. The water-resistant properties of the wood represent the ability to overcome any obstacle while its ability to regrow fresh strapplings from apparently dead husks reinforces the belief in its ability to return victorious regardless of the battle fought.

Bonus Feat: Blessing of Fearn or Endurance.

Spells: 1sttrue strike, 2ndtactical acumen, 3rdrage, 4thstoneskin, 5thelemental body II, 6thgreater heroism, 7thmage’s sword, 8thclenched fist, 9thforesight

Water Shield (Su)

At 1st level, you may summon a shield of water that floats in front of you as a standard action. The water provides a +1 deflection bonus and lasts for a number of rounds equal to your class level. You may sacrifice the shield as an immediate bonus to gain a +4 bonus to any saving throw versus a fire based attack.

The shield bonus increases by +1 at 5th level and every five class levels thereafter (maximum of +5 at 20th level). You may create a water shield 3 + your Wisdom modifier times per day, but you may only have one active shield at a time.

Warrior’s Heart (Sp)

At 8th level, you may invoke the warrior’s heart as a swift action. This grants you a base attack equal to your class level until the beginning of your next round. You may use this power a total number of rounds per day equal to your class level. If you are reduced to less than 0 hit points but haven’t been reduced to a number of negative points that would result in death, you may use up a round of this power to avoid making a Constitution check to lose an additional hit point or stabilize. You do not stabilize, you simply avoid the check altogether until the next round.

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