Eadhadh (Poplar)

The spirit of the poplar tree is represented by the eadhadh ogham. Associated with opening the mind to the realms beyond, the spirit of eadhadh represents a strong connection to energies from other realms and the ability to shed the body to travel to those realities. Such energies allow the spirit of the eadhadh to alter world around it and manipulate those that are contrary to the spirit’s interests.

Bonus Feat: Blessing of Eadhadh or Improved Counterspell

Spells: 1stcommand, 2ndaugury, 3rdsuggestion, 4thdivination, 5thcommune, 6thcloak of dreams, 7thethereal jaunt, 8thplane shift, 9thastral projection

Blessed Curse of Dark Terrors (Sp)

At 1st level, you may take a sliver from a black poplar and imbue with the ability to enhance the fears of others.

Point to the desired individual within 30 ft. with the sliver of the poplar and cause them to become more likely to be affected by fear-based effects. The individual is allowed a Will save, but if unsuccessful, the target suffers a -1 penalty to any saving throws or skill or ability checks versus any effect that causes the target to suffer any type of fear-based condition (cowering, frightened, panicked, or shaken) for a number of rounds equal to your class level. This penalty increases by 1 for every four class levels you possess. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

You may use this power 3 + your Wisdom modifier times per day, though only one individual may be affected by it at a time. If you use this power on another while a previous target is still under its effect, the previous effect immediately ends (regardless of whether or not the new target succeeds at its saving throw). Once an individual successfully makes a saving throw when you use this power, it is immune to any further uses of this power by you for 24 hours.

Laurel Wreath of Victory (Su)

At 8th level, you may create a laurel wreath from poplar leaves once per day. Anyone you verbally bless and grant the ability to wear the wreath upon their head gains a +2 morale bonus to attack rolls and saving throws versus mind-affecting effects, including fear based effects.

Donning and removing the wreath is a standard action, and an individual may only gain the benefits of the wreath once. So, if the recipient removes the wreath and then later place it back upon its head, it gains no benefit from the wreath.

The morale bonus increases by +2 at 14th level and 20th level. At 16th level, you may create a second wreath, but individuals (including yourself) only gain the benefits of this power from you once per day regardless of which wreath they choose to use. Wearing both wreaths at the same time confers no additional benefits.

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