Beith (Birch)

The spirit of the birch tree is represented by the ogham beith (pronounced ‘bay’) and is associated with birth, water, and purification. The spirit of the beith represents cleansing of both the body and spirit by the washing away or even virulent purging of negative thought and emotion that hindered the heart. The birch is seen as the foundation of knowledge as its bark can easily be peeled apart and used for writing and storing knowledge, while its sap can be used to provide sweet and refreshing nourishment as a stand in for water or distilled for a stronger effect.

Bonus Feat: Blessing of Beith or Skill Focus (Heal).

Spells: 1stgoodberry, 2ndlesser restoration, 3rdaqueous orb, 4thride the waves, 5thcleanse, 6thheal, 7thvortex, 8thregenerate, 9thtsunami

Healing Touch (Su)

At 1st level, you may heal yourself or another with your touch as a standard action. You may heal 1d6 points, plus 1 point for every three class levels you possess (maximum of +6 hp at 18th level) and may use this feature 3 times + your Wisdom modifier times per day. This power cannot be used to harm undead, only to heal living creatures.

Waters of Refreshment (Su)

At 8th level, you may bless a number of gallons equal to your class level of pure water as a full-round action as long as it is in a single container or basin. This effect lasts for up to one hour and it may be used to heal 2d6 points of damage for each gallon consumed or washed over the body. Only one gallon per person may be used in a single round unless the entire contents is dumped on the individual, in which case all of the curative magic is used on that individual. If drank, the water nourishes the individual of any hunger for the day and removes the fatigued condition unless caused by a permanent effect (in which case it negates it for one hour).

You may only use this power once per day, gaining a second daily use at 13th level and a third daily use at 18th level.

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