Great Weapon Magus

Great weapon magi are capable of channeling their magic through two-handed weapons of all sorts. While still functioning best in close range, these magi are also able to use most of their abilities with strong ranged weapons like bows and some crossbows.

A standard magus who selects great weapon magus as a class archetype makes the following alterations and replacements.

  • The magus may cast one fewer spell of each level than normal. If this reduces the number to 0, she may cast spells of that level only if her Intelligence allows bonus spells of that level.
  • The magus does not gain spell recall until 11th level.
  • Replace spell combat, knowledge pool, improved spell combat, improved spell recall, greater spell combat, counterstrike, greater spell access, the bonus feat gained at 5th level, and the magus arcana gained at 6th level.

Great Weapon Methodology (Ex)

At 1st level, a great weapon magus gains the benefits of the Weapon Focus feat with all two-handed weapons with which she is proficient, even if she doesn’t meet the prerequisites. This does not allow her to qualify for feats with Weapon Focus as a prerequisite.

At 4th level, she also gains the benefits of Weapon Specialization. These benefits improve to Greater Weapon Focus at 11th level, and Greater Weapon Specialization at 14th level.

Great Weapon Stance (Ex)

At 1st level, the magus learns to cast spells and wield a two-handed weapon at the same time. As a swift action, she can enter a great weapon stance. While in this stance, the magus takes a –5-foot penalty to her movement speed and a –2 circumstance penalty to AC and Reflex saves. Leaving this stance is a free action.

When she casts a spell from the magus spell list with a casting time of 1 standard action or less while in her great weapon stance, the magus can make one attack with a twohanded weapon she is wielding at her highest attack bonus as an immediate action. This is in addition to any free attack she might gain as part of her spellstrike class feature.

At 16th level, the magus no longer suffers the –5-foot penalty to her speed while in great weapon stance.

Great Weapon Accuracy (Ex)

When the magus enters her great weapon stance or makes an attack as an immediate action with that ability, she gains an insight bonus equal to her Intelligence bonus on all attack rolls until the start of her next turn.

Disruptive (Ex)

At 4th level, the magus gains Disruptive as a bonus feat, even if she doesn’t meet the prerequisites.

Great Weapon Edge (Ex)

Starting at 7th level, when the magus hits with a piercing or slashing weapon attack made while in her great weapon stance, she deals an amount of bleed damage to the target equal to her Intelligence modifier (minimum 0).

Spellbreaker (Ex)

At 8th level, the magus gains the spellbreaker magus arcana, even if she does not meet the prerequisites.

Awesome Blow (Ex)

At 19th level, while in her great weapon stance, the magus gains the benefits of the Awesome Blow feat. She can use that feat in place of the attack she would make with great weapon stance.

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