Beloved Monster

One non-companion monster of your choice becomes your beloved monster. This monster cannot grow into a stronger form, but its base attack bonus is equal to your monster trainer level, and it adds your Charisma modifier as a morale bonus to the damage it deals with attacks. When the difference between your beloved monster’s CR and your monster trainer level is 3 or more, it gains a +1 deflection bonus to AC and increases the damage die size of its natural attacks by 1 category, as the monk’s unarmed strike feature, up to a maximum of 2d10 (or 2d8 if size Small or smaller). This increase occurs again for every 3 additional CR your beloved monster is lower than your monster trainer level.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters Anniversary Edition © 2019, Samurai Sheepdog; Author: Kevin Glusing

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