Monster Breeder

Monster breeders are able to change the very nature of their companions through the process of monster growth. By sacrificing some of the versatility given to other trainers, breeders can instead call upon more focused and powerful monsters over time.

Breeder’s Companion

Monster breeders form a stronger connection with their starting monsters than other trainers, and often keep those monsters in top condition even if they don’t always use them in battle. At 1st level, a monster breeder chooses either an animal companion or a familiar. This ability functions as the druid and wizard class features of the same name, except as noted here. The breeder’s companion grants the breeder spells as though it were a captured monster. The companion does not count as a monster for the purpose of monster training, so the breeder can control an active monster while his companion acts independently. The breeder’s effective class level for these features is equal to his monster breeder level.

This ability replaces the monster normally given to a trainer at 1st level, as well as the spell familiarity and channel monster class features.

Advanced Monster Growth

Beginning at 2nd level, the breeder can enhance the monsters he calls upon. When his active monster has a CR lower than his breeder level, that monster gains a bonus to attack rolls equal to the difference between its CR and the breeder’s level (minimum 1). It also gains a bonus to its damage and AC equal to half that difference, rounded down. The AC bonus is a deflection bonus.

Beginning at 9th level, the breeder also adds one-half the difference to his active monster’s saving throws.

This ability updates monster growth and replaces great trainer.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters, © 2015, Northwinter Press; author Kevin Glusing.

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