Orphaned Hero

Sometimes a hero’s family can’t provide him any help beyond an inheritance. They may have died tragically, or the orphaned hero was sent away to protect him from a greater threat than he may face on his own. Whatever the reason, he has turned fate to his advantage, becoming a symbol of hope for those he protects in secret.

Heroic Agenda

At 1st level, an orphaned hero gains Disguise as a class skill and chooses two adventuring goals. He cannot choose the same goal twice. One of these goals becomes the hero’s social identity, while the other counts as his vigilante identity. This otherwise functions as the dual identity vigilante class feature. It is up to the orphaned hero to feign being weaker than his two goals allow, so he instinctively takes a –1 penalty to all ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks and a –2 penalty to damage rolls while in his social identity.

Starting at 10th level, each of the orphaned hero’s adventuring goals improves, as if he chose them with new prospects. He no longer takes a penalty to attacks or damage while in his social persona, though he still tries to avoid doing anything suspicious. If he has two goals that grant 3/4 attack bonus, he gains 2 temporary hit points per heir apparent level the first time he enters his vigilante identity in a day. These temporary hit points remain, even if the orphaned hero changes to his social identity.

Heroic agenda updates adventuring goals and replaces new prospects.

Social and Vigilante Talents

The orphaned hero can use his personal training to gain social and vigilante talents as a vigilante of his heir apparent level. If he uses a training talent to pick a social talent, his next choice must be a vigilante talent, and vice versa.

This alters personal training.

Inheritance (Ex)

Beginning at 4th level, the orphaned hero’s stipend is always 25,750 gp. He cannot use his stipend to purchase any one item that costs more than his total stipend for his level, but he can purchase multiple items at that cost, and the stipend still carries over into his next level if he has any remaining. This ability modifies stipend.

Unshakable (Ex)

Starting at 6th level, an orphaned hero adds his heir apparent level to the DC of any attempts to Intimidate him. This ability replaces influential.

Secret Lair (Ex)

At 16th level, the orphaned hero has finished his secret lair, a base of operations from which he organizes missions and keeps souvenirs of his heroic deeds. He will also occasion ally bring outsiders here should the need arise or keep any cohorts, sidekicks, or followers around to help maintain it.

The lair can be located in any setting. It counts as a mansion where the orphaned hero’s social identity can interact with others. It also counts as any other combination of buildings or organizations totaling no more than 8,000 gp. These buildings and organizations are carefully hidden, granting the orphaned hero a +20 to skill checks to appear as nothing more than an ordinary mansion. Members are treated as staff when interacting with anybody who does not know the orphaned hero’s vigilante identity.

An orphaned hero who is also an intrepid sidekick can gain access to his mentor’s secret lair, as described above, or he can gain his training grounds as per that archetype. The secret lair can’t be modified by the intrepid sidekick.

Secret lair replaces investment maturity.

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The Book of Many Things, © 2018,Samurai Sheepdog; author Kevin Glusing.

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