Time Render (Accelerist Archetype)

Not everybody has the inherent potential to become an accelerist. The time render slows down time itself, allowing him to act in a manner that appears fast to the untrained eye. This can be particularly difficult for actual accelerists to cope with, as without special training and a lot of experience, they are still bound by the restrictions of time.

Set the Pace (Su)

At 1st level, a time render can choose one creature as a move action and uses that creature to set his pace. At the end of each of that creature’s turns, the time render gains a move action. At 9th level, he can choose an additional creature as part of the same action, and at 18th level he can choose a third.

In addition, the time render can ready an action as a move action, but only to take a move action, a swift action, or a free action. Starting at 12th level, he can ready any action as the same action type on his turn, so he can ready a swift action as a swift action, for example.

This ability replaces accelerant, fast movement and the 12th-level speed power.

Time Dilation (Sp)

At 3rd level, a time render can cast time stop once per day as a full-round action, but only to take 1 round of action. He can use time dilation one additional time per day for every 5 levels he gains beyond 3rd, to a maximum of 4 times per day at 18th level. While in his time stop, a time render can still interact with his set the pace targets as if they were flat-footed and unaffected by the ability.

This ability replaces momentum.

Reactive System (Ex)

At 4th level, a time render gains a +2 bonus on saving throws against evocation spells and effects. At 19th level, whenever he attempts a Reflex save, the time render can roll twice and take the better result. If he fails a Fortitude saving throw against a spell or effect that has a duration longer than 1 hour, the time render can attempt a new saving throw at the end of each hour to end the effect.

This replaces rapid processing and flawless processing.

Speed Powers

Since they are not actually fast, time renders have a limited list of speed powers to choose from. That list includes burst of speed, feather balance, haste, immediate defense, light steps, shared momentum, slow fall, speed guardian, speed hurricane, sudden speed, time stop, water sprint, and windy escape. A time render can use speed powers a total number of times per day equal to his Intelligence modifier +1 for every 2 speed powers he possesses.

To use a speed power, a time render doesn’t spend momentum. Instead, he requires a move action to prepare himself to use it. This can be a move action on his turn or one gained by set the pace. The accelerist tricks requirement for any of these speed powers can be ignored.

This alters speed powers.

Full Stop (Su)

At 20th level, the time render becomes immune to other time stop effects and can spend a use of time dilation as an immediate action to act during another creature’s time stop. Against his set the pace targets, he can take a move or a standard action at the end of their turn, but only to affect that target or himself. In addition the time render can rest for up to 10 minutes to regain 1 use of time dilation.

This ability replaces perfect speed.

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The Book of Many Things, © 2018,Samurai Sheepdog; author Kevin Glusing.

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