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In the Company of Spirits

Vendor: Rite Publishing
Type: Book
Price: 5.99


There are spirits that remain tied to the world of the living and unable to pass on due to strong emotional connections. Called geist, these are exceptional spirits, retaining their intellect and individuality to a degree above other spectral entities. They may share appearances and commonalities with ghosts, wraiths, spectres, and a variety of other spirits that the living have classified by abilities, but retain more of themselves than traditional undead.

The geist is a full-supported new player species option for the first edition Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. In this tome you’ll find:

  • In-character description of how a character becomes a geist.
  • Information on tethers, physical foci that keep geist tied to the mortal coil.
  • Rules for creating geist, and dealing with their lack of Strength and Constitution scores.
  • Alternate racial traits and favorite class options.
  • Geist-specific class archetypes, including the Poltergeist archetype for the kineticist!
  • Racial feasts, the geist paragon class with a flexible design allowing the selection of passions and spectral talents.


101 Technomancer Spells

Vendor: Rite Publishing
Type: Book
Price: 6.95

More than Technology. More than Magic.

Technomancers are no less spellcasters than the ancient mages who depended on scrolls and wooden wands, but they are also masters of advanced super-science. While any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, technomancers know that actual magic can still take the technology one step further.

Within this file are 101 more ways for tehcnomancers to blend science and sorcery, ranging from quick and simple eldritch jury-rigs to the ability to transform into a swarm of nanites or an augmented cyborg, these spells help bring more techno into your techomancers without saddling them with the limitations of the laws of physics.

Future. Fantasy. Technomangic.

55 Minor Spell Variations

Vendor: Rite Publishing
Type: Book
Price: 2.95

Sometimes you just want some more spells...

...but you don't want to do the work of building them from scratch. 55 Minor Spell Variations gives you a slew of mystic and technomancer spells built from existing options, combining rules you know and wild new effects! From having spells that disguise your entire starship to those that let you imbue an ally with the power to inflict pain with every attack, your whole galaxy of adventure gets more magical with 55 Minor Spell Variations.

55 Minor Armor Upgrades

Vendor: Rite Publishing
Type: Book
Price: 2.95

It’s Not Just Armor. It’s Your Lifeline.

The best defense is to make sure no one ever attacks you. But when that fails, you want the best armor you can possibly afford. You can be satisfied with an off-the-rack suit, but why not make sure it protects the things you care about most in the way you find most satisfying? Maybe you expect to be in the jungles all the time, and need weatherproofing. Maybe you are constantly flying, and could use some ailerons. Maybe you just want some better styling.

Sure, you don’t want to give up a whole upgrade slot to make your armor fireproof... and now with Minor Armor Upgrades you don’t have to!

55 Minor Weapon Modifications

Vendor: Rite Publishing
Type: Book
Price: 2.95

Weapons come in an endless variety of damage-dealing forms, and no matter which weapon you choose, there are always ways to make them work a little better. While a casual explorer or diplomat may be satisfied with an off-the-rack tactical pistol, an expert (or someone who wants to look like an expert) knows the base weapon is just the beginning. After all you may not know what barrel crown edging and polygonal rifling does to a tactical pistol, but it sure SOUNDS impressive!

Broaden your universe of options with these 55 minor weapon modifications!

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