Experimenter (Archivist Archetype)

An experimenter archivist devotes less of their time in esoteric pieces of knowledge and broadening their knowledge bases and focus more of their time on experimenting with the magic they use.

Spellcasting Tradition

At 1st level, an experimenter may select two spellcasting areas of focus. Otherwise this operates as the archivist ability of the same name.

This modifies spellcasting tradition.

Table: Experimenter Spellcasting Level


The experimenter must split their prepared spells between their two areas of focus as shown on Table: Experimenter Spellcasting. Otherwise this operates as the archivist ability of the same name. As all the traditions for the experimenter use Intelligence to determine bonus spells. The bonus spells must be split between the traditions equally, any odd number of bonus spells must be allocated to the tradition with less total spell slots available. For example, an experimenter that is able to prepare 2+1 spells with an 18 Intelligence, they gain 1 bonus spell. That bonus spell must be allocated to the tradition with only 1 spell slot.

This modifies spellcasting.

Combined Spell (Su)

At 3rd level, an experimenter has developed the means to combine their spellcasting traditions. This is not a perfect combining of traditions as there is some power loss. Spells prepared in this way take one spell slot higher than they otherwise normally would have. For example, an 8th-level experimenter with the arcane and divine spellcasting traditions could prepare a fireball in their 4th-level divine tradition spell slot.

This ability replaces academic focus.

Tradition Synthesis (Su)

At 8th level, the experimenter can cast two spells he has prepared, one from each of their two traditions, using one action. Both of the spells must have the same casting time. The experimenter can make any decisions concerning the spells independently of each other. Any target affected by both spells takes a 4 penalty on saving throws against each spell. An experimenter receives a +4 bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance involving either of the two spells. An experimenter can use this ability once per day at 8th level and one additional time per day at 14th and 20th levels.

This ability replaces confident recollection.

Master Experimenter (Su)

At 20th level, an experimenter becomes a master of blending their two spellcasting traditions. They no longer needs to expend a spell slot one level higher when using combined spell. Additionally, they may apply a metamagic feat they know to a spell they are about to cast. This does not alter the level of the spell or alter the casting time. The experimenter can apply a metamagic feat in this way a number of times per day equal to their Intelligence modifier.

This ability replaces peerless mind.

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