Bloodscribe (Archivist Archetype)

A blood scribe has learned the powers of a blood sacrifice even if they do not understand the powers to which they are seeking power from. Instead of opening their minds to the unknown entities in a search for power, the bloodscribes give their life essence.

Bloodborne Inspiration (Ex)

At 1st level, a bloodscribe learns to pull from their own life force to gain power from the unknown spaces and realities. Instead of leaving themselves vulnerable and taking Wisdom damage or sanity damage when using their preternatural inspirations, they instead take Constitution damage or drain.

Each time one of the preternatural inspirations are used and would incur Wisdom or sanity damage, the bloodscribe takes Constitution damage equal to the Wisdom damage that would normally be incurred and they must make a Fortitude save. The DC for this Fortitude save is equal to 5 plus the unhealed/removed amount of Constitution damage and drain they have incurred from the use of their preternatural inspiration abilities. On a failed saving throw, the Constitution damage incurred is converted to Constitution drain. In all other ways, this operated the same as preternatural inspiration.

This ability modifies preternatural inspiration but does not prevent the acquisition of other archetypes that replace or modify that ability unless they remove the Wisdom damage cost.

Bondweaver Sage

Bondweaver Sages knit magical tapestries that connect their allies’ hearts and minds allowing them to affect whole parties with a single spell.

Bonded Tapestry (Su)

At 1st level a bondweaver sage gains an understanding of the energies that connect all beings. They can thread together the unseen strands of this energy to connect willing allies in a magical network known as a bonded tapestry.

Doing so takes 1 hour and when they weave a bonded tapestry, they can connect a number of allies equal to their bonus in their spellcasting ability score (minimum 1). Creatures must be within line of sight to have their life force woven into the bonded tapestry, and they must be living creatures. A bonded tapestry lasts for 24 hours or until a new one is created. The bondweaver sage is always connected to their own bonded tapestry, and they don’t count against the limit of allies that can be connected. Once connected the tapestry connects these creatures as long as they are within one mile, but they may only be affected by a spell if they are still within that spell’s range from the bondweaver sage.

Once a tapestry has been woven the bondweaver sage can cast spells across this connection to affect all bonded creatures. Although they only cast a single spell it fully affects each member of the bond. The bondweaver sage may only cast spells with a maximum spell level of 1/2 their class level into the tapestry (minimum 1). For example a 5th level bondweaver sage would only be able to cast 2nd level spells into the tapestry.

Only spells with the “harmless” designation in their saving throw entry or spells requiring willing targets can be cast into a bonded tapestry, spells which only effect objects cannot be cast into the tapestry. In addition, spells with a range of personal cannot be cast through a bonded tapestry. If a spell has a costly material component it must be provided for each creature targeted by the spell (including the bondweaver sage). For example, casting stoneskin affecting four allies requires the expenditure of diamond dust worth a total of 1,250 gp, 250gp worth of diamond dust for each ally plus 250 gp worth of diamond dust for the bondweaver sage.

If the spell requires any decision-making, such as choosing the energy type for protection from energy, the bondweaver sage must make the same decision for each creature the spell is meant to affect.

Each spell cast through the tapestry in this way also costs 2 inspiration points to cast.

This ability replaces all instances of preternatural inspiration.

Skillweave (Su)

At 3rd level the bondweaver sage can allow creatures to share skills through the tapestry. At the beginning of each day when the bondweaver sage weaves the tapestry they may invest any amount of inspiration directly into the weave. This becomes a shared inspiration pool that bonded creatures may use to augment their skills. Any creature connected to the tapestry may spend a move action, spending 1 point of inspiration from the tapestry to share their skill ranks in a skill of their choice with each other member of the tapestry for one minute.

When sharing skill ranks in this way, each creature is considered to have the same number of skill ranks in the chosen skill as the creature who activated this ability. For example a 6th level character with 6 ranks in Stealth uses the skillweave to share their Stealth skill with each bonded creature, each bonded creature would use Stealth as though they had 6 ranks in the skill, unless they have more than 6 ranks, and these creatures can only benefit from a number of ranks up to their own maximum based on character level. Each bonded creature may also spend inspiration from this pool to gain +1d6 to a skill check in the same way as the archivist.

Any number of shared skills may be active at one time, limited by the amount of inspiration available through the weave and from the archivist.

This ability replaces academic focus.

Patient Weave (Su)

At 6th level, the bondweaver sage can weave a single spell into their bonded tapestry and delay the activation of the spell. The bondweaver sage may have a number of spells stored in the bonded tapestry for later use equal to 1/4 their class level.

To make a patient weave, the bondweaver sage spends 2 points of inspiration and designates the tapestry as the target for the spell (regardless of what the spell’s normal target is). The spell is then stored in the bonded tapestry in a dormant state; time spent in the tapestry does not count against the spell’s duration and the spell does not affect any creatures until activated.

As a move action, the bondweaver sage releases all the spells stored in the bonded tapestry. These spells immediately and instantaneously take effect in the order they were cast. The same restrictions apply to these spells that apply to any other spell woven into the bonded tapestry. these spells affect only legal targets at the time they are released. For example all targets must still be within the appropriate range.

This ability replaces discoveries and all instances of knack.

Extended Tapestry (Su)

At 8th level, the bonded tapestry can now spread spells cast through it far beyond their normal distances. Spells cast through the bonded tapestry have their range category increased: touch spells become close range, close range spells become medium range, and medium range spells become long range. Long-range spells and spells with fixed ranges are unaffected. At 16th level the range of spells cast through the tapestry increases again to a maximum of long-range.

This ability replaces the confident recollection abilities gained at 8th and 16th level.

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