Alignment: The apprentice’s alignment must be within one step of his mentor’s deity’s, along either the law/chaos axis or the good/evil axis.

Mentorship Ability

Apprentices who study a mentor’s warpriest class levels learns all warpriest spells their mentor has currently prepared, adding them to their list of spells known for the day. The apprentice casts spells learned from a warpriest mentor as divine spells. Spells cast this way use the apprentice’s Charisma regardless of what ability their mentor uses to modify their spells. This ability does not allow an apprentice to cast spell they cannot learn due to their Charisma score or level. Apprentices treat spells learned this way just as any other spontaneous spell caster would their spells known. Your caster level is equal to your apprentice level, and your save DCs and concentration checks are Charisma-based. You’re considered to have the cleric spell list for purposes of spell completion items and spell trigger items.

Advanced Mentorship Ability

Apprentices who study a mentor’s warpriest class levels and chooses warpriest for their advanced mentorship ability for the day gains the warpriest‘s blessings class ability. They gain the same blessings possessed by their mentor. When determining the powers granted by these blessings, the apprentice’s effective warpriest is equal to his apprentice level minus 3.

Cooperation Power

Key ability: Wisdom

Apprentices who study a mentor’s warpriest class levels and chooses warpriest for their cooperation power may, as a standard action, spend a cooperation point to grant himself or an ally the warpriest’s sacred weapon class feature for 1 minute. This cooperation power works with the favored weapon of his mentor’s deity as well as any weapon he or his affected ally has selected with the Weapon Focus feat. When determining the damage of a sacred weapon, the apprentice’s effective warpriest level is equal to his apprentice level minus 3. The affected character can use the ability to enhance his sacred weapon for one round during this duration. Choosing this cooperation power counts as gaining the sacred weapon class feature for the purposes of the apprentice’s approximate expertise class feature but you must have the warpriest cooperation power to benefit from a feat whose prerequisites were met in this manner.

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