Alignment: Any

Mentorship Ability

Apprentices who study a mentor’s slayer class levels gains the slayer‘s studied target class feature. When determining the bonuses of the apprentice’s studied target, number of targets the apprentice can study at one time, and the action required to study a target, the apprentice’s effective slayer level is equal to half his apprentice level (minimum 1).

Advanced Mentorship Ability

Apprentices who study a mentor’s slayer class levels and chooses slayer for their advanced mentorship ability for the day gains the slayer‘s slayer talents class feature. The apprentice gains one slayer talent for every three apprentice levels he possesses. These slayer talents must be rogue talents possessed by his mentor. The apprentice must meet all prerequisites for his chosen slayer talents but the apprentice’s effective slayer level is equal to his apprentice level for the purpose of meeting the prerequisites of the slayer talents.

Cooperation Power

Key abilities: Dexterity or Intelligence

Apprentices who study a mentor’s slayer class levels and chooses slayer for their cooperation power may spend a cooperation point as a swift action to grant himself or an ally he is adjacent to or flanking an enemy with the slayer‘s sneak attack class feature for one round. The bonus damage granted by this sneak attack is 1d6 for each four levels the apprentice possesses. If the apprentice has any slayer talents that modify sneak attack, they apply to this cooperation power. Choosing this cooperation power counts as gaining the sneak attack class feature for the purposes of the apprentice’s approximate expertise class feature but you must have the slayer cooperation power to benefit from a feat whose prerequisites were met in this manner.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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