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Alignment: Any

Mentorship Ability

Apprentices who study a mentor’s skald class levels learns all skald spells their mentor knows, adding them to their list of spells known for the day. The apprentice casts spells learned from a skald mentor as arcane spells. Spells cast this way use the apprentice’s Charisma regardless of what ability their mentor uses to modify their spells. This ability does not allow an apprentice to cast spell they cannot learn due to their Charisma score or level. Apprentices treat spells learned this way just as any other spontaneous spell caster would their spells known. Your caster level is equal to your apprentice level, and your save DCs and concentration checks are Charisma-based. You’re considered to have the bard spell list for purposes of spell completion items and spell trigger items.

Advanced Mentorship Ability

Apprentices who study a mentor’s skald class levels and chooses skald for their advanced mentorship ability for the day gains the skald‘s raging song class feature. When determining which songs the apprentice can perform, the effects of their song, and the number of rounds per day they can perform, the apprentice’s effective skald level is equal to his apprentice level minus 3. In addition, if the apprentice and an ally are performing the same raging song simultaneously, its effects are enhanced. If the performance has a DC, the DC increases by 2. If the performance provides a morale bonus, the morale bonus increases by 2. If the performance provides a competence bonus, the competence bonus increases by 1. Each performer must spend maintain their performance for this enhancement to persist.

Cooperation Power

Apprentices who study a mentor’s skald class levels and chooses skald for their cooperation power may, as a free action, spend a cooperation point to allow any ally or themselves to use Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills, or abilities that require patience or concentration while raging. This ability lasts until the start of the apprentices next turn.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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