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    MKoM: Celebrates Eastrek

    Vendor: Northwinter Press
    Type: Book
    Price: 8.00

    Greetings once again, trainers! The Kingdom of Monsters has returned to celebrate their latest holiday, Eastrek.

    Eastrek looks back on the journey taken by idealists from their homes west of Mount Graphite to the east, where they would discover new adventures, new dangers, and of course, new monsters.

    Now, at the beginning of each new year, monster trainers from throughout the Kingdom travel to the Coal Brush Plains to celebrate Eastrek. New trainers play games and search for colorful rocks used to distract young monsters, while veterans hunt elusive monsters and grow their own into new and more powerful forms.

    So, grab your favorite companions, ready your essence, and prepare to join us as we celebrate Eastrek!

    Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters Fast Play Quick Reference Sheets

    Vendor: Northwinter Press
    Type: Book
    Price: 8.00

    MKoM: Fast Play Quick Reference Sheets

    This product is primarily for Pathfinder.

    Have a younger player? New to Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons as a whole? With the Fast Play rules from Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters, you can jump right into the game. Better yet, with these Quick Reference Sheets, you'll have a visual que for what your monsters can do at a glance.

    Quick Reference Sheets can be used by anybody with a basic understanding of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (roll the dice, add some numbers, aim for a target or goal), and as your grasp of that system grows, you can easily incorporate more complicated rules (including grappling, complex spellcasting, and eventually full character statistics).

    Who doesn't love to color? The simplified art on the cover and sheets not only prints easily, using little ink, but the monsters can be fun to color however you want. Play with a purple glabrezu or a blue rust monster. (Ask my niece), Even children not quite ready to capture their own monsters enjoy coloring them for their siblings and parents.

    Fast play rules are included at the beginning of the book.

    Includes a CR table and basic descriptions of each monster group found in the book.

    Capture monsters not only from Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters, but also from the Haunted Eve Monsters Only Guide and even some not yet available anywhere else!

    One Shot - Traveling the World: The Journeyman

    Vendor: Northwinter Press
    Type: Book
    Price: 1.00

    One Shot - Traveling the World: The Journeyman

    One Shots are simple ideas implemented over one document. They can include a new class, a new race, a family of creatures, or anything that can be explained and supported in only a few pages.

    Traveling the World introduces the journeyman class to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Journeymen wander the world’s continents and sail its seas in search of their heroic tale. Driven by a desire to learn everything, they master several skills, discover worldly secrets, and take advantage of combat through the use of teamwork feats.

    The journeyman is a hybrid class that combines the inquisitor and the rogue.

    MKoM: Haunted Eve Monsters Only Pack

    Vendor: Northwinter Press
    Type: Book
    Price: 4.00

    Celebrate Halloween all year long with this latest installment for Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters!

    Each year, the people of the Kingdom of Monsters hold a seven day celebration known as Haunted Eve. During this holiday, children in every city and town dress up as heroes, villains, and monsters as they travel to the homes of friends and family seeking candy and small toys. Meanwhile, monster trainers converge on the Scribe's Marsh in search of rare monsters that only appear when the land dries up during the celebration.

    The Haunted Eve Monsters Only Pack is a collection of monsters found during the holiday for trainers to capture. 22 brand new monsters are joined by 20 higher and lower level versions of existing monsters and 2 new templates to bring a little more spooky variety to your character. Each of these monsters boasts a list of spells only available to those captured during the holiday or modified with the help of a monster breeder.

    So join your fellow trainers in the Scribe's Marsh for some holiday fun with the tricks and treats presented here. Happy Hunting!