Truth Speaker

Words have meaning and to utter falsehoods devalues all other words you have ever spoken. To speak an oath is irrevocable and to break one is tantamount to spitting in the face of the gods.

Vow of Truth: You may not deliberately speak any lies, including bluffing, stating half-truths with the intent to deceive, exaggerating, telling white lies, and so on. This applies to all forms of communication. If you break this vow, you lose all archetype abilities until you complete an atonement.

Legalistic Mind: You may use Linguistics in place of Sense Motive to discern if someone is lying.

Oath Binder: Your pure adherence to Truth grants you additional insight into Foundation. At 1st level, you gain Contract in place of one of your starting Words.

At 5th level, you gain Oathbound as your Modifying Word instead of choosing. This ability modifies Words of Foundation and Modifying Words.


Save None

Duration Instantaneous

Prerequisite(s) Truth Speaker

Effect Affected creature is bound to the agreement it just made. If the creature breaks the agreement, it suffers a -6 penalty to one of its ability scores (chosen by the party that the agreement was made with) and the other party immediately knows of the breach of contract.

Oathbound: You alter a Word of Foundation to only affect the creature if it breaks an agreement made directly before Speaking the Word. If the Word ever affects the creature, it is treated as though it was modified by Maximized. This Modifying Word can only be selected by a Truth Speaker.

Truth Laid Bare: At 10th level, you gain constant discern lies. This ability replaces the Modifying Word gained at 10th level.

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